Film Auditions for “The Easy” at Club Sixx (Grand Rapids, MI)

Casting Call “The Easy”

Auditions for Ensemble comedy “THE EASY” will be held August 8, 12pm-8pm at Club Sixx, in Grand Rapids, 889 Broadway NW

We are seeking actors for the following roles:

45-50 non-speaking females for sorority get-together scene (Ages 20-75), any race
5 Speaking females for sorority scene (Ages 50-85), any race
1 FEMALE (Jennifer) 16-19 year old restaurant hostess, any race
1 FEMALE (Barbara) 25-40 year old cook, any race
1 MALE (Keshwan) 18-32 year old, black
1 MALE, (Sam) large smooth and cool black man 300lbs, 30-45 year old
1 MALE (Paul) balding, white male 35-55 years old
1 FEMALE (SUSAN CORPSE), 21-29 HOT woman
1 MALE (Jim) 36-51 year old, white
1 MALE (Jaime Reed) 25-35 year old, black
1 FEMALE (Veronique) Very large female 21-29 year old
1 MALE (EARL) cool, jazzy type black man 50-60 year old
1 FEMALE (annoying woman) mix between a man and a woman, 30-40 year old
1 FEMALE(Cornelia) Attractive bartender 21-28 year old

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7 Responses to “Film Auditions for “The Easy” at Club Sixx (Grand Rapids, MI)”

  1. cheryl glasen says:

    i am a white female age 48 look like i am 37with brown hair and blue eyes

  2. Arielle Wemigwans says:

    I am 17 yrs. going on 18. I am 5’9″ weighing 130 lbs. I have long brown hair and big brown eyes. I am Native American and it would be a privilege to play a roll in my home town.

  3. Kyle M. says:

    I love drum circles and have a red beard. I love Gartman……any role for me?

  4. Jeff W. says:

    I am 27 yrs. going on 28. I am 5′2″ weighing 330 lbs. I have short hair and big brown eyes. I am very unkept. I do have a thing for red beards, I find them attractive. I want a roll in a movie where I romance a man with a red beard. There are no movies staring this type of relationship and I would like to break this glass ceiling.

  5. Camelia M. says:

    I am a 22 yr old female who is 5’9, 150lbs. I am a very attractive female with a outgoing personality. I am a mix of white and black. I am open to any role and pictures are available upon request.

  6. Bianca Torres says:

    I am 24 yrs old. (25 in Nov.) Im very energetic, funny, sarcastic, friendly, etc. Im Puerto Rican, 5’3″, and am open to show that i can pull any role you throw at me, (no triple x) lol. plz feel free to call. and pictures are available upon request.

  7. kara faasen says:

    i am 17 yrs old. i am mixed and have brown curly/wavy hair and i would love to play in a movie

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