Casting Female Actress for Local News Anchor (Royal Oak, MI)

Casting Call for Short Film Segment

We’re a production company currently looking for a woman between the ages of twenty five and forty to film a short segment for an undisclosed project. We are aware this is on short notice, but we have had some flakes and fakes, and need someone for Thursday the 18th to fill a small position as a local news anchor.¬†We’re filming between 2pm and 7pm.

You must have an ability to act (or just be a convincing liar), possess a nice blazer with accompanying blouse or some such, the type of stuff you’d see a newscaster clad in. You must not have an aversion to a twisted sense of humor, or be overly politically correct. That said, you wouldn’t be asked to say anything completely heinous. Must have all your teeth/no noticeable facial blemishes.


This is a paid role. You will be compensated for your time (about an hour of it, perhaps a slight bit more).

How to Apply:

If you’ve any acting experience, can read, and take instruction well, give one of our representatives a jingle at: (248) 629-5744

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  1. Michelle says:

    I didn’t want to call in case it was too late, but I’d be interested in this and have a short reel on my website. If you still need someone- please email me asap!

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