“Playing with Matches” Featured Extras Casting (Allendale, MI)

Grand Valley Senior Thesis Film

Grand Valley Senior thesis “Playing with Matches” is looking for featured extras both male and female (ages 30 and above) for middle school retirement party scene. The scene will be shot this Saturday, September 18th from 11 AM – 2 PM.


“Playing with Matches” is a story about Gil Squid. He is a man at the turning point of his life where he is forced to take a buy-out from the school district he works for. He has always lived his life as a bitter man, closed to the world. The only person that understands him is a smart-mouthed kid named Ray, who works with Gil as a janitor. One night, while out at the bar, Gil meets Robin, a clingy, yet mysterious woman. Although broken in different ways, they establish a connection through their hardships. When Gil finally feels new and free, he is thrown into an unfortunate situation that will destroy any future he may have dreamed of.


Because this is a student film, we will only be able to pay our actors with meals. This is, however, still a serious movie that will grant you a great opportunity to explore your acting ability and receive national exposure through film festivals around the country! There will be an IMDB credit for production, which means one for you too!

How to Apply:

If interested, please email your head shot, resume & age to Alan at: ledfordstudios@yahoo.com

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