“Family Ties” Casting Call for Original Play (Ann Arbor, MI)

Casting Actors for New Play

A casting call for new original play “Family Ties” is going to be held on Thursday, March 24th, from 6-8 pm at 4100 Carpenter Road inside of Rave Motion Pictures Ann Arbor.

This is a play that is character and story driven. For this show I need actors and actresses. If you sing and dance great but this is not a play to showcase that. There are no gimmicks in this production, just a good story that will require great acting.

The audition will consist of doing a small portion of the script with your character. You will be chosen not on your knowledge of the script but on the knowledge of your character. We’re looking for how well you could potentially portray a certain character. You can receive character sides for the audition by sending your head shot and resume to email address listed below.


Abandoned by his father and mother, Darnel struggles to find happiness through the evil pleasures of the world. In the midst of Darnel’s pursuit he takes his protective, good doing cousin (Darius) and caring aunt (Sherry) along for the ride. After uncovering the root to his failures there’s light under the tunnel.

Available Roles:

  • Darius: LEAD ROLE 17-23 (must be able to pass for a high school student)Darius is the type of guy that’s loved by parents and admired by his peers. He is a star athlete, smart, and has a presence that commands respect. His only vice is that he will do almost anything to help his cousin (Darnel) even if it means he could into trouble as a result.
  • Darnel: LEAD ROLE 17-23 (must be able to pass for a high school student) Darnel is bitter/mad at the world that he felt abandoned him because his parents left forcing him to live with his aunt (Sherry). Darnel does what he wants to do when he wants to do it often times hiding his hurt and good heart.
  • Sherry: 35-50…Sherry is very giving, kind, protective, and commands respect from others. She is the mother of Darius and the aunt of Darnel. She deals with her troubles through her faith in God.
  • Lisa: 35-50…Lisa is the mother of Darnel and younger sister of Sherry. Lisa is an alcoholic, solemn, and selfish. She is overcome with hurt because her husband (Walter) leaves her for another woman.
  • Carla: 17-23 (must be able to pass for a high school student) She is beautiful, vibrant, sassy, and really into church. She is the love interest of Darius and strongly dislikes his need to protect Darnel. (Black or Spanish)
  • Marcus: 17-23 (must be able to pass for a high school student) Marcus is Darnel’s best friend. He feels like all he has is his respect from others and he will do anything to hold on to it. He has no fear so there’s no limitations as to what he’s capable of doing.
  • Charles: 35-50…Charles is Darnel’s father. He is self centered, arrogant, and smooth talking. He’s the type of guy that has gotten through life with his charm.
  • Young Darius and Darnel: 8-12 (must appear no older than 10) These are the lead characters when they are children. They are normal fun loving kids. (Young Darnel will need to be able to carry an emotional scene)
  • Extras: Anyone who would like to be extras to play police officers, church service members, or are looking to help with stage crew.

NOTE: With the exception of Carla all major roles are for African Americans. There are other minor speaking roles as well as extras that are open to all ethnicities.


All roles are paid a small fee per performance.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your headshot and resume to: abicy@emich.edu

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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