“FAME: The Musical” Auditions! (Belleville, Michigan)

We are holding auditions today for “FAME: The Musical”. Registration begins at 6:30PM. Auditions at 7PM.

Singer, actors and dancers needed!

FAME: The Musical


Any interested actor/actress

“FAME: The Musical”

Faith United Methodist Church
6020 Denton Rd
Belleville, MI

Today, February 16th, 2010, 7PM (Registration at 6:30PM)

Why? You really have to ask that? Because you want to be part of one of the newest, and most exciting theatre groups in the Metro Detroit area.

16 measures from an upbeat Broadway show (Pop/Rock), cold readings from script and dance audition.

** DSP, Inc has no affiliation with any religious organization.

Character Descriptions:

JACK ZAKOWSKI (alternate casting for Tyrone Jackson): Headstrong, able, dancer – a functional illiterate. A russian immigrant student from Brighton Beach in Brooklyn who wants to be John Travolta.

TYRONE JACKSON: Headstrong, able, dancer – a functional illiterate

CARMEN DIAZ: Insecure, talented dancer/ singer

CHORUS: Students at P.A., who have lines and sing, and who constantly interact and grow with the others.

GOODMAN (GOODY) KING: Jazz trumpeter

GRACE (Lambchops) LAMB: A drummer, comic

IRIS KELLY: Well-to-do, lovely dancer

JOE (JOSE) VEGAS: High energy, charming actor

MABEL WASHINGTON R&B: singer, plump, comic

MISS BELL: Dance teacher, puts art first

MISS SHERMAN: Traditionalist, English teacher

MR. MYERS: Drama teacher, easy-going

MR. SHEINKOPF: Music teacher, distinguished

NICK PIAZZA: Handsome, serious actor

SCHLOMO METZENBAUM: Affable, sensitive violinist

SERENA KATZ: Insecure, shy actress


For more information please email: dynamicstageproductions@yahoo.com
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