Fairy Job Mother Casting Call for Reality TV Show (Michigan)

Are You Out Of Work? If So Apply Now

Fairy Job Mother Casting Call

Have you been out of the workforce for some time? Have you lost hope at having a career? Is the bad economy weighing down you and your family?

A major cable network, Studio Lambert, the production company behind the mega-hit show “Undercover Boss,” and MysticArt Pictures are now searching the nation for the unemployed who are ready to stop struggling and find the motivation and inspiration to find a fulfilling career and change the course of their life!


Men and women who are unemployed
Ages 18 an up
Must be a legal US resident and able to work in the US
Must have a dynamic personality
We are looking for men, women, families, couples, etc.

How to Apply:

Please include you name, age, contact phone numbers, email address, and a brief summary of why we need to meet you!

Email: fjmcasting@gmail.com

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7 Responses to “Fairy Job Mother Casting Call for Reality TV Show (Michigan)”

  1. Tadasia DeBoest says:

    I take acting very seriously, I believe in working hard and giving your all. I’m not afraid to make a change to my look. I never give up and I remained focused tho I’m not an uptight person, I have a goofy side to me but I know when it’s time to be serious

  2. Kathleen Bolio says:

    Losing your job is difficult at any time but trying to begin a new career at the age of 60 is definitely daunting. Learning how to provide the incentive for an employer to hire me and utilize my expertise is key. I’m trying to learn the best way to market myself in such a severe job economy.

  3. Deborah Shimkonis Nowicki says:

    I just heard about this project and am very interested! I am a single mom, ex-corporate executive who was laid off in this economic down turn from the Banking Industry with extensive education and experience in the Financial field. I live in NH. Please inform if you are still casting. Thank you.

  4. Robbie says:

    Help! I’m online applying for jobs everyday! I go to job fairs. I’ve taken the state exam to get my teaching credential but can’t because I owe money to my college. without the transcripts I can’t get a job! I’ve applied at jack in the box, ross dress for less, sharp hospital, the list goes on and on ad nauseum. Will you PLEASE HELP ME? I know I’m late applying, but this really is an emergency. I need a job in order to keep my share of custody of my daughter.

  5. Kathy Simmons says:

    Desperately seeking a fairy job mother! I’ve been unemployed for a little over a year. I was a over the road truck driver. My brother suffer a major stroke at the age of 48. It left him bed ridden for life. I could not turn my back on him. I gave up every thing to care for him. I could no longer travel, my x husband did not understand my love for my family, so he left after 10 yrs relationship. After a few months of getting things in order like his hospital bed been delivered to my home and nurse’s coming to the home and therapy, I now can return to work. I move my mom here with us for a little help, but she 74 years old, so I can not travel. I need to come home daily. I will do what ever job I can get, I dont have pride when it comes to making a decent living ,but I just can’t find any thing. I’m 51 yeas old. and I not giving up with all I ‘m dealing with I still put a smile on my brother face each morning. I all ways tell him I trying to find a job so I can purchase a van with a lift, so that he can go to the stores, park, riding in the rain please help me!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kathy Simmons says:

    Thank god for this show

  7. Allen Chackman says:

    I just turned 61 in January . I was downsized in august .My position was eliminated through a reorganization .I have 5 k in bills each month . I have 4 mouths to feed including a sick wife .sick son and a daughter in college .Oh by the way , I am a Navy veteran .This is all the thanks i get . I have turned my back on anyone . Please help me ! I am at wits end !

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