Extra Casting for Ben Stiller’s “30 Minutes or Less”, Real Style Online

Feature Film Extra Casting

Real Style "30 Minutes or Less" Extra Casting

Real Style has announced that they will be casting extras for Ben Stiller’s film “30 Minutes or Less”.

The casting call will be held in Grand Rapids at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.


All extra roles are paid positions:

How to apply as an Extra:

For details on the extra casting event and directions on how to apply click here

Registrants can expect to fill out paperwork and have 2 photos taken fro their profile. There may be a short wait. All individuals arriving by 5:00 pm will be accommodated.

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6 Responses to “Extra Casting for Ben Stiller’s “30 Minutes or Less”, Real Style Online”

  1. Joshua Bell says:

    I have done movies with Real Style before….I’ve been an extra and am willing to be one again…however I’m ready for a Principle role if any are available…I can do speaking roles and require them for my ultimate goal of becoming SAG eligible… it doesn’t need to be a big role I’m not greedy

    please consider me,
    thank you,

  2. Sorina Petruc says:

    My name is Sorina. I must first say how excited I was to hear that finally something exciting is happening in this small town of Grand Rapids. I have auditioned for many roles and I am currently a model in Barbezone. I am willing to audition and I am hoping I will be exactly what you guys are looking for. I am going saturday to the auditions so I hope to see you there!
    Thank You,
    Sorina Petruc

  3. Hello,

    Glad to here you are investing in the area and having been involved in 4 movies shot here in GR I would love to help in any way…. Having gone from Extra to acting, assisting the Director in this latest venture with locations and connecting with people, casting so we could get it done on time or earlier and on or under budget.. I look forward to helping and connecting w/ this project. Thank you for your consideration.


  4. Bruce Scott says:

    Hello…I dont know if Im sending this to the right place or not.Id like to be an extra in 30 minutes or less if you still need anyone.Im 55…5 10…175……Thanks…Bruce

  5. Tom Grady says:

    I am a “fresh face” in Real Steel currently playning a “pimp” and am interested in future roles as they become available. I am 62 years old and 5’9.5, 180 lbs

  6. London Sylvestre says:

    Hello, my name is London. I am a 14 year old who lives in Michigan. I think if I would like to become an actress why not start small. So if you would like me as an extra I would love the opportunity!

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