“Shallow Yet Viscous” Experimental Short Film Auditions (East Lansing, MI)

Short Film Cast & Crew Call

Experimental student short film titled “Shallow Yet Viscous” looking to cast many roles. This is a surreal drama about a young man forced to question his life’s direction as his search for a library book takes a transcendental twist. It is a silent film with many symbolic aspects. No monetary compensation. Auditions and principal photography will take place in East Lansing, MI.

Audition dates:

Febuary 6, 12:00PM – 2:00PM
Febuary 7, 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Shooting will take place sometime between late March and early April.

Please email shallowyetviscous@gmail.com with photographs and resume for an audition slot.


Façade (male 20-25, average to muscular build) LEAD
Well-groomed, friends with everyone in the room whether they like it or not. Though he appears charitable on the surface, he always seems to have a selfish vendetta.

Duct Tape (female 18-25, slender to average build) LEAD
Intellectual, geeky, but genuinely attractive. She is a good self-less woman who does not hesitate to sacrifice for others. Despite her endless charity, she is independent enough not to let herself be trampled.

Mayonnaise (20-25, average to husky build)
The closest “friend” that Façade has. Mayonnaise enjoys the sensual aspects of life–fast food, fast cars, fast women.

Spoiled Mayonnaise (70+, husky to large build)
Visibly weary. Mayonnaise has lived an emotionally vapid life which is evident in his demeanor and face.

Damaged Façade (70+, average build)
Similar traits to young Façade, but appropriate to his age. Though he lived a successful career, he has many voids in his life now that he has difficulty trying to fill. His health is waning.

Cherry Vodka (female 25-35, curvy build)
A stripper who has mastered the art of professional seduction. As her name suggests, she is ‘artificially flavored.’

Mojito (female 18-25, petite build)
A cute friend of Cherry Vodka. A little more modest.

Fedora (male or female 18-30, slender to average build)
An annoying hipster. Similar traits to Façade. Defines him/herself by his/her fashion. He is very selfish and worldly, but hides it with an inflated appreciation of the arts.

Tax Deduction 1 (male or female 4-9)
A child of Façade and Duct Tape. Adorable, energetic, and disobedient.

Tax Deduction 2 (male or female 9-13)
Another child of Façade and Duct Tape. Starting to hit puberty, and begins to question authority.

Father Gin, J.D. (male 40-60, any build)
An emotionless individual who has seen it all and doesn’t care. He is a divorce lawyer at first, and is reintroduced later as a priest.

Mural (male 20-30, muscular build)
The ideal man. Attractive, charming, self-less and loving.

Composer Needed!

We are also looking for a composer for the film. Please email if interested.

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  1. Stuart Dana says:

    I’ve written music for TV (local and national) and film (SFF). What genre of music are you looking for? Electronic, Folk, Solo, Orchestral, experimental (glitch)? How long of music and are you shooting on video or film? (for my time code). Let me know if you want any examples….I’ve written with Evan Evans on a couple projects from the mid 1990’s.
    contact me at my email or 231-225-0217 or my restaurant 231-334-4587 or my cell 231-835-0343.

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