“Entertaining Angels” Open Casting Call at WSU (Detroit, MI)

Open Call for Female Actress

An open casting call is going to be held at Wayne State University in Detroit for the film “Entertaining Angels”. The open call will be held tomorrow Thursday, October 6th from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and Friday, October 7th from 4:00pm to 9:00pm. Casual attire. Shooting will take place primarily in Westland, MI on November 4th-5th, 11th-12th and 18th-19th. We will need the actress to be fairly flexible for weekday/weekend rehearsals leading up to the shoot. The story is in the Crime/Drama genre and centers around two characters, Jimmy and Jamie. This is a high quality story being shot on top equipment with a highly skilled, organized crew.

Open Casting Call Details:

Wayne State University (Old Main Building)
4841 Cass Avenue
Detroit, MI

NOTE: It’s the giant brick historical building facing Cass, can’t miss it! There is convenient lot parking directly across the street from Old Main. Come up the stairs through the main entrance and we will meet on the 1st floor.


“Entertaining Angels” is a gritty, often tragically humorous story about loss, addiction, and redemption. It is the story of a tough, smart, mob enforcer who is constantly battling the inner demons of a painful and difficult past.

Jimmy Eagan is a first rate collections enforcer for a local crime boss. Unfortunately, Jimmy is continually plagued by the year old memories of his girlfriend’s heroin overdose. One day, Jimmy’s worst nightmare suddenly comes true; He is ordered by his crime boss to fill in as a drug dealer when an associate is caught stealing and is quickly disposed of. This new assignment brings Jimmy face to face with the excruciating memories of the loss of his girlfriend and his complete and utter disdain for drugs and drug addicts in particular.

As Jimmy assumes control of a back alley drug distribution operation, he encounters a number of different drug addicts that continually try his patience with their bartering, complaining, and generally bizarre personalities…That is until Jimmy meets Jamie…An attractive drug addict and prostitute who eerily resembles his deceased girlfriend, Alissa. Jamie sparks Jimmy’s interest immediately with her toughness and unwillingness to follow the rules of the buyer/seller relationship. Their mutual attraction and intrigue forms a relationship that brings them both to the realization that what they really want is out…Freedom from the pain of the past, and freedom from the tentacles of addiction that have ensnared both of their lives for far too long.

The problem is, there are quite a few people who will do their level best to see Jimmy dead before they allow him to quit his criminal life. At its core, Entertaining Angels is a story about two people struggling to find the strength to grasp for freedom in the face of extreme danger.

Available Roles:

  • JAMIE: (Female lead role) A Caucasian twenty something female drug addict and prostitute looking for a way to escape her addictions.


This is not a paid role. You will receive food.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying just attend the open casting call tomorrow. If you have any questions about the casting call please email them to: gridenour@gmail.com

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