“End Titus” Extras Casting and Female Lead Actress (Flint, MI)

Web Series Casting Call

End Titus - Movie Extras Casting

Delmar Burkett and Henry Royster III of RnB video production is looking for volunteer female actresses and extras for a web series titled “End Titus”. I am looking for people who want the experience and looking to gain a little exposure and hopefully have a little fun along the way!

The series is heading into its second season with the first season being displayed online. It is no way professional as of yet, so we don’t have the expensive equipment to work with, (working with a consumer DVcam) but what I do have is the ability to get it out there in a very intermediate high quality level. The scripts are not professionally written and therefore I am not committed on looking for professional actors.

The second season will run for at least seven to eight episodes then after we will try to sell via the web. As of now planning is in the works to produce DVD’s of the first season to sell online. At that point, hopefully a little money will come our way and will be given to everyone who participated.

Character Needed:

In this season the person who plays (Chuck) will be leaving the series. Therefore, I am looking for a female to take his place as the script calls for a female “reincarnation” of Chuck” Episodes played in wil be in 9, 10, 13, 14, and 15. Names of these episodes willbe given at time of submission.

Here is the breakdown of characters needed to fulfill various roles for upcoming episodes:

  • Female Role to play reincarnation of main Character Chuck any race 18-30
  • Need one female character to play demon/general 18-30, model or athletic type, any race
  • One male character to play demon by standard 18 and up, any race
  • One male charcter to play Titus’ body stand 18 and up, any race, muscular or athletic type
  • We are also searching for a makeup artist who knows how to make demon and or vampire faces


You will be given file copy of the episodes once it’s completed for your credit!

How to Apply:

This casting is now closed. We would like to thank everyone who applied.

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