“Emancipation” Casting Call for Wayne State University Short Film

WSU Student Film Casting Call

Auditons are being held for a WSU student film, “Emancipation”. Actors and actresses are needed who can portray the following roles.

Auditions Details:

Saturday, February 26th from 2pm – 6pm
Friday, March 4th from 6pm – 9pm

The Old Main Building (in the basement, room 134)
4841 Cass Ave.
Detoit, MI 48201


Jimmy Ryan, a rugged, twenty something Irish American decides to quit a life of violent crime in order to fulfill his uncle Davie’s deathbed request. Jimmy inherits his uncle’s bar, and falls in love with a beautiful woman as he attempts to live a normal, quiet life. Jimmy’s new life is suddenly interrupted by a former underworld associate, Angelo Soldano, a ruthless, Sicilian crime boss who rules the city with an iron fist. Soldano makes it clear to Jimmy that his woman will not be safe unless he does one last job. Jimmy agrees to one last brutal assignment in order to keep his woman safe. This assignment will bring him to a profound existential crisis between a new found conscience, and his desire to do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves.

Available Roles:

  • Jimmy Ryan: Jimmy is a rugged, twenty something Irish American. Jimmy is tough, street smart, and surprisingly tender in specific relationships. To fulfill his uncle Davie’s deathbed request, Jimmy quits a violent life of crime working as an enforcer for a Sicilian crime boss. His reprieve from a life of crime is suddenly interrupted when his former boss, Angelo Soldano asks Jimmy to do one last job. He tells Jimmy if he doesn’t do this job, his girlfriend’s life will be in danger. Jimmy is the story’s protagonist and his “Hero’s Journey” is what drives the entire story. The things that drive Jimmy are his intense desires to keep his woman safe, and to fulfill the promise he made to his dying uncle to live a normal life.
  • Davie Ryan: Is a rugged, fifty something, Irishman. He is a hard working pub owner and serves as Jimmy’s voice of reason. Having raised Jimmy from an early age, his wisdom is a very powerful influence over Jimmy. He is tough, yet loving father figure in Jimmy’s life. Davie’s deathbed request that Jimmy abandon working for Soldano has a powerful impact on Jimmy. This deathbed request drives the story from beginning to end.
  • Megyn Murphy: Megyn is a beautiful, twenty something Irish American woman. She is smart, a little tough, but still somewhat naïve about the extent to which her love for Jimmy puts her in danger. Her love and loyalty for Jimmy drive everything she does. In many ways, Megyn is a clear representation of Jimmy’s attempt to live a normal life. She is independent enough to question Jimmy, but she trusts him to the point that she will follow his advice when the rubber meets the road. The threat to Megyn’s life is the crisis point that continually drives the story.
  • Angelo Soldano: Angelo is a dapper, fifty something, Sicilian crime boss and is the story’s Antagonist. On the surface, Soldano seems calm and reasonable. Bubbling underneath this slick veneer is a vile, abrasive, and brutal man. As the ruler of the city’s criminal underground, Soldano’s desire to erase the shame of his son’s slide into drug addiction and the embarrassment that this causes him drives his actions throughout the story. Soldano is true to the roots of what makes up a Sicilian Mafioso. He is calm to a fault and he will never surrender the appearance that he is in control of every situation.
  • Alison Aprisi: Is a pretty, twenty something, Italian American woman. She is the former lover of Soldano’s son, Little Angelo, and is Little Angelo’s object of desire throughout the story. She is tough, ambitious, and smart. Her courage and independence in dumping Little Angelo, the son of a major crime figure is an important component of the story. Alison was so special to Little Angelo that when his relationship with her comes to an end at her behest, he devolves into a life of drug addiction and carnality.
  • Little Angelo Soldano: Is a thuggish, twenty something, Sicilian American man. Little Angelo has descended into a serious cocaine addiction as a result of being dumped by Alison. Little Angelo is completely lacking in self control, prone to childlike outbursts, and is completely obsessed with getting Alison back. It is Little Angelo’s pathetic state that causes Angelo Soldano to bring Jimmy back into the criminal life and his character is therefore an important driver in the story.
  • Kevin Eagan: Kevin is a twenty something, Irish American man. He is Jimmy’s right hand man at the pub and is a typical young bartender type. He is loyal and follows Jimmy’s leadership almost without question. Like Megyn, Kevin has an underlying naivete regarding the potential danger Jimmy’s criminal past poses to him. Kevin drives the story in the sense that he is Jimmy’s loyal sidekick and someone that Jimmy can count on when things get dicey.
  • Tommy: Tommy is a thuggish, thirty something, Italian American man. He serves as Soldano’s chief enforcer and is seen throughout the story as Soldano’s loyal muscle.
  • Cute Girl: She is a cute, twenty something, Caucasian female. She serves the story as Kevin’s playful muse. She is a party girl type. Cute and likeable.


These are not paid roles but actors will obtain a copy of the final DVD for a great portfolio piece and acting reel.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this film just attend one of the auditions above. If you have other questions please email them to: waynecastingcall@yahoo.com

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