“ELVES & FISHES” Casting Call for Short Film (Troy, MI)

Casting Actors for Holiday Film

Casting actors and actresses for a short, independent film titled “Elves & Fishes”.  This is a non-union film directed by John J. Wisniewski.  Actors will be needed for 6 days of shooting in February 2011.  Shooting will take place at the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan soundstage in either Troy and/or Pontiac.  Additional locations around metro Detroit may also be used.


Elves & Fishes” is a short film about making wise choices in the search for happiness and fulfillment, even when the odds of success are impossibly low. Peter Brown is a lonely little man with no prospects for a better future. He is bereft of family and friends, lacks the most basic social skills, is impoverished and stuck in a menial job with no hope of advancement. His only hold on life is his love for a magnificent pet goldfish his mother gave him just before she died. On Christmas Eve, Peter is visited by Crackbottom – an Elf, sent by Santa himself. He brings a one-time offer: join us – become an Elf! At the North Pole, one may find peace, fellowship, and the joy of making millions of children happy year after year! The offer seems irresistible. But there is a catch: to enlist, Peter must willingly sever all remaining ties to his present life. And that includes sacrificing the only thing he loves: his fish. The clock is ticking. Santa will arrive at midnight and Crackbottom needs Peter’s commitment by then. What to do with the goldfish? No friends or family to give him to. All the pet stores are closed. Abandonment and starvation? A quick and brutal execution? To the toilet, where a simple flush offers only the faintest hope of survival? Or should Peter turn Crackbottom down, cleave to his pet, hang in there, and hope for better times ahead?

Available Roles:

  • PETER BROWN: Male, late 20’s. Introverted, weary and forlorn. Physically unimposing, easily lost in a crowd. Peter, though intelligent, never developed the capacity to connect meaningfully with others. Nor has he found sufficient insight or guidance to remedy his plight. He spends his days mopping floors and cleaning toilets, and his nights caring for his pet fish, the closest thing he has to a friend in this world. A lifetime of loneliness has scarred his soul, and he is dangerously near his breaking point.
  • CHRISTOPHER CRACKBOTTOM: Male, mid-to-late 20’s. An Elf, and a particularly clever and sprightly one at that. Articulate, mischievous and quick-witted, he has worked his way up the candy-striped ladder at the North Pole to become one of Santa Claus’ most trusted agents. Once just as human as Peter, he joined the Elvish Fellowship almost 250 years ago. And although he has scarcely aged a single day since, he brings with him a great store of wisdom, magical abilities beyond mortal ken, and a hidden agenda that binds him closely to Peter’s fate. NOTE: THIS ROLE HAS BEEN CAST. AUDITIONING FOR BACKUPS ONLY.
  • SANTA CLAUS: Male, 50’s-60’s. Majestic, physically imposing and robust – a veritable Force of Nature. Capable of boundless mirth but laden with gravitas and an irresistible air of authority and command. To the pure and innocent, a bringer of warmth and merriment; to the wise, a figure of great power, not to be trifled with. Cross him at your own peril!
  • ELIZABETH BROWN: Female, mid-30’s. Non-speaking role, seen in flashbacks. Peter’s mother, careworn, abandoned by her husband and terminally ill.
  • MICHAEL BROWN: Male, mid-30’s. Non-speaking role, seen in flashback. Peter’s father, a chronic alcoholic, homeless and suffering from end-stage liver disease. Gaunt, grizzled, chronically-ill appearing.
  • DOCTOR: Male, 40’s. Non-speaking role, seen in flashback. Aloof, impassive, coldly professional.
  • NURSE: Female, 30’s. Non-speaking role, seen in flashback. Aloof, impassive, coldly professional.
  • SOCIAL WORKER: Female, 30’s. Non-speaking role, seen in flashback. Aloof, impassive, coldly professional.
  • PETER BROWN (CHILD): Male, 6-10. Non-speaking role, seen in flashback, watching his mother die. Sad, tearful, frightened.


Low/None, depending on part.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your headshots and resume to John Wisniewski at: tottio@aol.com

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3 Responses to ““ELVES & FISHES” Casting Call for Short Film (Troy, MI)”

  1. Courtney Steward says:

    Are you casting for extras?

  2. Shanna Biedron says:

    The film touched my heart with passion. I feel this film will touch many and go around the World! The message is Amazing and truthful pertaining to real life. Thank You for your time,
    many Blessings,

  3. Sher "Sunshine" Myers says:

    I am trying to gain experience in props/sets. I will be applying to film production school for next fall. Would there be a place for a volunteer?

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