“E/R” Auditions & Casting for Comedy Production

Lakeland Players Open Auditions

Lakeland Players Open Auditions for E/R

Auditions for the hilarious comedy, “E/R” are being held at Central United Methodist Church in Waterford, MI. Lakeland Players is looking for adult and child actors for a variety of roles. “E/R” is set on one busy night in the emergency room of a city hospital. This show will have two seperate casts, an adult cast and a children’s cast. Show dates will take place in February 2012.

Audition Details:

Sunday and Monday, November 20th & 21st, 2011 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm with call backs on Tuesday, November 22nd from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Children auditions will be 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Adults will audition from 7:30-9:00pm.

Central United Methodist Church
3882 Highland Road (M-59)
Waterford, Michigan

Available Roles:

  • Dr. Howard Sheinfeld:  A recently divorced, over-worked doctor. His somewhat rumpled appearance and
    casual manner belie the competent physician that he is. He has a private practice (ear, nose & throat),
    moonlights in the E/R’s on the side and throws all into alimony and girlfriends.
  • Dr. John Sherman:  A young, idealistic, “Department of Emergency Services” doctor. His methods are modern
    and thorough. He is learning “reality” in a hurry.
  • Nurse Joan Thor:  A big woman in her early forties, she is the “earth mother” to all who enter “her” E/R. She
    has seen many doctors come and go and has been with the hospital for years. She loves kids.
  • Nurse Julie:  A young (black) woman in her early twenties. She is quite disillusioned with the medical
    profession and is currently jugglin’ work and college classes. Her attitude is extremely biting and sarcastic. An
    excellent nurse.
  • Maria:  A young girl (Mexican descent), she has the equivalent of a high school education and no desire to go further. She is extremely “cute” and has a love interest in Fred the cop.
  • John McKay:  A clean-cut young man in his teens. His discovery of the world while on drugs is a charmer.
  • Sheila Brooks:  A pregnant teenager, maybe 13. Comes from Appalachian family.
  • Marilyn Freeman:  Mother of Sheila and two other children. Divorced Appalachian, has little education.
  • Lind Sue Freeman (little girl):  Young pre-teener who is a constant pain to her mother.
  • Walter Boudreaux  (light bulb):  A very well dressed businessman, who knows how the light bulb go there.
  • Franklin Cunard  (headache): Construction worker who looks as if he’s the last of the flower people. He comes to the E/R just after work.
  • Helen  (Bag lady): She is a regular of the E/R who comes in at various times during the week to get cool in the summer and warm in the winter. She is the ultimate “bag lady” and speaks to no one.
  • Roosevelt Jackson (broken hand):  Petty criminal, possible small dope dealer. He is a smooth, fast-talking
  • James Lewis  (broken jaw): Victim of circumstance who happened to be on the receiving end of a lucky punch. He has not had much luck in life, which is why he lost most of his money to Jackson.
  • Officer Fred O’Neal:  Chicago cop. Has a very gruff exterior that hides a heart of gold. Is very much attracted to Maria and uses his uniform to impress her. A good cop who tries to give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • Jerry (the bum):  A regular who is usually brought in just to sleep it off. He smells to high heaven and is
    constantly incoherent or unconscious.
  • William Reynolds (insomniac):  Basic Bill is a hyperactive suburban salesman who works out of his home. He is extremely sincere and charming; he just talks too much.
  • Eddie (punk rocker):  Punk rock musician. Has a string of groupie girlfriends who always ask for more than he can deal with. All he wants to do is make music.
  • Peter Woods (jogger):  Lawyer who has just come in to the E/R because he twisted his ankle. Does not live in the area.
  • Burton Surrath (heart attack):  Wholesale clothier whose life is his business.
  • Mrs. Surath:  Housewife who is enjoying the fruits of her husband’s labors. She is a shopaholic and is
    extremely fashion-conscious. She loves her husband but in constantly over-reacting to situations and is
    somewhat overbearing.
  • Irene (hypochondriac):  Regular who probably hasn’t been sick a day in her life. She is extremely outspoken
    and comes to the E/R for attention and “treatment”.
  • Mitch Renko (child abuser):  Yuppy who obviously has a problem in expressing himself. His mood swings are
    the cause of his violence.
  • Bonnie Phillips (mother of abused child):  Attractive, it is not certain whether she is abused as well, but it is
    clear that she fears her boyfriend. She was once married but now has a “relationship” with Mitch.
  • Various other character roles available.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying just attend the open audition on November 20th or 21st. If you have any questions you can email them to: lakelandplayers@ymail.com

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