“Duvid” Auditions and Casting Call for UofM Short Film

Short Film Looking for Actors

The short film “Duvid” is auditioning several supporting roles for scenes to be shot in late February and mid-March (schedules vary by role). Auditions are by appointment and will be held on University of Michigan’s central campus in Ann Arbor.

Audition Details:

Friday, February 3rd from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Saturday, February 4th from 11:00am to 4:00pm

University of Michigan’s Central Campus
1011 North University Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48109


In the world of Hasidic Judaism, a man is expected to be married with children by the time he reaches his early twenties. As he reaches this age, Duvid Stern begins to feel immense pressure from all sides to settle down and find a wife. Sensing that perhaps this is not how Duvid wants to spend the rest of his life, his best friend Yoli introduces him to the underground world of Electronic Dance Music. It is here that he meets Lindsay Miller, a fun-loving rave girl who is just as intrigued by his strange customs and manner of dress as he is by her Technicolor hair and party-hard attitude. However, as Duvid falls for Lindsay and the techno rave lifestyle, he begins to sense that there is more to Toba, the quiet girl from back home who everyone expects him to marry, than the typical Hasidic housewife he first judged her as.

Available Roles:

  • SHANA: female, can play Hasidic, 40s. Duvid’s mother. Very traditional. She loves her son very much and wants him to settle down and start a family so that she can have grandchildren to love as well.
  • BORUCH: male, can play Hasidic, 40s. Duvid’s father. Very stern and very traditional. Wants Duvid to settle down with a family because that’s what men his age should do.
  • MENDEL: male, late 20s, Yoli’s dealer. Makes a living selling drugs to Hasidic Jews. Has experimented a bit too much with a bit too many substances, has achieved a bit of a perma-high.


These are unpaid roles. Film will be premiering at the Traverse City Film Festival in August.

How to Apply:

To schedule an audition and receive sides, please send an email with resume and headshot to: duvidfilm@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include in the email which roles you are interested in auditioning for.

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