“Dumb Luck” Casting Call for Non-Union Production (Westland, MI)

Independent Short Film Casting

We are looking for actors to fill cast roles for an independent short film here in the Metro Detroit area. The short film is entitled “Dumb Luck“. This is a Non-Union production and there is no pay, but will be fed at auditions and during the shoot. Benefit will be to jump start your acting career or gain acting experience for your resume as this film will be entered into a number of film competitions. A copy of the finished product will also be available upon request to add to your portfolio.

Audition Details:

The audition will be held on JUNE 5TH in WESTLAND MICHIGAN.

Auditions will be held from 10 am – 8 pm and food and drinks will be provided. Call or e-mail now to set up a time to show off your acting skills! Shooting for the actual film will be held shortly after auditions and will only be for one week! Hope to hear from you soon!

Title: Dumb Luck (comedy)


The whole movie is based around one man who has a string of very bad luck. This very superstitious man will do just about anything to avoid bad luck but it somehow seems to find him. Police…. Drugs…. Dumb Luck…. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Available Roles:


  • The Guy- 25 – 30 male.(main character)
  • Beautiful Woman- 18 – 25 female
  • Old Lady #1 – 55+ female
  • Car Drivers (6 )- OPEN M/F
  • Delivery Person- 18+ M/F
  • Person That Opens Apt. Door- OPEN M/F
  • Old Lady #2- 55+ M/F
  • Man #1- 18 – 26 male Drug addict
  • Man #2- 18 – 26 male Drug addict
  • Girl- 18 – 26 female Drug addict
  • Glasses #1- Undercover Cop 25+ male
  • Glasses #2- Undercover Cop 25+ male
  • Old Man- 55+ Asian male
  • Drug Policeman- 25+ M/F


  • Guys On Ladders (2)- OPEN M/F non-speaking
  • Guys Carrying Mirror (2)- OPEN M/F non-speaking
  • Guy Searching for Building- OPEN M/F

How to Apply:

This casting call is closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

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3 Responses to ““Dumb Luck” Casting Call for Non-Union Production (Westland, MI)”

  1. Millie Judd says:

    Interested in anything you need. I am 52 but can look older or younger (depending on inspiration) Have done lots of stand up comedy and one non paid, non union comercial but wish to do more unpaid work to gain experience and exposure.

    Do you need headshots prior to the auditions?

  2. Jeffrey Wayne says:

    I appreciate your interest in our short film and would love to have you audition. Although head shots are appreciated ahead of time if you do not have one that is okay as well. We will be taking pictures if you don’t have one to add to your file at the audition. Thanks again. Anymore questions feel free to ask.

  3. Joel Desselles says:

    Grew up in Belleville, Michigan my whole life until a little over a year ago…I am very familiar with Westland. I love acting and would be great for this film as the main character (The Guy).

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