Looking for Dedicated Actors for a Short Film and Trailer (Detroit, MI)

Hello. My name is Marija Makeska, and I’m working on a short film/trailer for Director’s workshop class at Wayne State University.

Student Short Film

The story is based on an Eastern European legend. A boy named Andrey claiming that he finds a strange girl in the forest, to whom he gives the name “Marison”. Andrey tells his grandfather about this girl in white walking barefoot with fluorescent eyes, and he doesn’t believe it, until Andrey and the girl start seeing each other often. They become very good friends. Marison learns to speak, read and write. In general, she’s also behaving like an animal predator, a wolf. One day, the grandfather gets a heart attack and the girl heals him. He tells the church that a girl might have healed him and the priest orders for this girl to be found and brought to him. The hunters find Marison in front of Andrey’s eyes and drag her away in an animal cage. In the church, she’s beaten up for trying to escape and defend herself, tied to a wheelchair and shipped to the women’s monastery. Andrey can’t find her for fifteen years. After fifteen years, a grown male, he and his fiancee come up with an idea to find Marison again. After a long search, they accidentally walk in the female monastery, where she, behind the church walls in the dark room, hears his moves….

Please forward a video that I can open in quicktime to makssmart@yahoo.com and tell me about yourself, your experience, and if you want to be Marison, I need to see some predator movements. You can choose a monologue to perform. Limitation on the video is 3 min.


Marison girl – 8-12 yrs of age
Marison woman – 18-30
Andrey boy – 8-12 yrs of age
Andrey man – 18-30
Grandfather – 55 and up
Andrey’s mother – 30-45
Priest – 30-45
Mother Superior – 40-60
Elena the fiancee – 18-30
Some roles might be added in addition, there is some opportunities for extras.

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2 Responses to “Looking for Dedicated Actors for a Short Film and Trailer (Detroit, MI)”

  1. Debra Phillips says:

    My daughter is 10 and would be interested in this role. Please send me an email address so I could forward her “audition”. When would filming for this take place, and how much time would have to be allowed.

    thank you

  2. Denise Oliver says:

    I am interested in this. I can send a resume and headshot. Please respond back to me if you are still in need of actors.

    Thank you!
    Denise Oliver

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