“Doing God’s Work” Stage Play Open Casting Call (Warren, MI)

“Doing God’s Work”: A Christian Stage Play

Join the cast of the amazing stage play “Doing God’s Work” to participate in offering a lesson about love, honesty and redemption. A casting call will be held on February 26th, 2011 from 12:00pm-5:00pm at 31201 Chicago Road Suite B301 (13 Mile and Van Dyke) Warren, MI 48093.

The Plot:

Reverend Dixon Knight Sr. runs one of the most successful churches in Detroit, Saving Grace and Doves Above Full Gospel Church. He is a dapper 47, who delivers the word in such a magnificent way that people are lined up at the door just to see him in action. The First Lady, Evelyn Knight is also 47, is a loyal and faithful wife and stay-at-home mother who keeps her family first. The couple have three children, twins Maya and Dixon Jr. who are now 20 and in their 3rd year of college at Virginia Tech and Carl who is a precocious 12 year old. Evelyn has stayed by her husband’s side as his better half despite her knowledge that for the past few years, her husband has not been doing “God’s Work.” Dixon has been involved in numerous affairs and questionable circumstances. Evelyn has tolerated these situations and made it her mission to keep her family together and shield her children from evil gossip about their father. Evelyn is also an undercover alcoholic. Dixon Jr. has known for some time about his father’s “bad habits.” Dixon is home for the summer from Virginia Tech and gets an internship at the local hospital through a member of the church, Sister Lavelle Jones who is a nurse. Sister Lavelle is a sexy 38, and a single mother of one daughter, Renee who has some secrets of her own. Sister Lavelle seduces Dixon Jr. and soon the two are involved in a torrid secret love affair. This occurs in the midst of Dixon’s relationship with his long-time girlfriend Natalie Hunter. Side dramas are taking place with Dixon’s sister Maya, who is secretly stripping at a gentleman’s club and Lavelle’s daughter Renee is who working Dixon Sr. for all the church’s offerings and tithes. Watch what happens when church folk profess to “Doing God’s Work” and end up doing the “Devils Work!” Can these families be saved from addiction and resentment? Will the 25 year marriage survive the latest round of infidelity? Who will be the voice of reason with all of this drama?

Available Roles:

Race and Nationality Open

  • Reverend Dixon Knight Sr. – Pastor of Saving Grace and Doves Above Full Baptist Church 47 (sings)
  • First Lady Evelyn Knight – of Saving Grace and Doves Above Full Baptist Church 47 (Sings) – Undercover alcoholic – Drinks to deal with Dixon’s indiscretions and inconsistencies
  • Orlene Brown – Best friend of Evelyn, Mother of the Church between 40 and 50 Comedian
  • Dixon Knight Jr. – Son of Dixon and Evelyn Knight 20 (Sings)
  • Maya Knight – Dixon’s Daughter of Dixon and Evelyn Knight and Dixon’s twin 20 (Sings)
  • Carl Knight – Dixon’s Younger Brother – 12 years old
  • Natalie Hunter -Dixon’s Christian girlfriend 21 (Sings)
  • Tyrone Wilson – Dixon’s best friend 22 Tries to tell Dixon to do the right thing
  • Lavelle Jones – Dixon’s Lover – Very cctive in the Church 38 (Sings)
  • Renee Jones – Gold Digger – Using Dixon Sr. for Prada and Gucci bags, shoes and sunglasses galore 19 (Sings)
  • Deacon Cliff Brown – Comedian – Pastor Knight’s partner in crime and recovering strip club addict
  • Store Clerk
  • Female Voiceover #1
  • Female Voiceover #2
  • Male Voiceover
  • Board Member #1
  • Board Member #2
  • Board Member #3
  • Congregation Members – At Least 10 small or non-speaking parts old and young ladies and men, 2 of each age group.
  • Live Band – For intermission and scene changes


Major roles are paid. Minor roles are unpaid. Pay is based on a flat rate plus ticket sales percentage.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this stage play just attend the open casting call on February 26th. If you have any questions please email them to: dondiva23@msn.com

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