“Dog” Casting Call for Short Film

Trained Dog and Actors Needed for Non-Union Film

Looking to cast of an animal protection short film which is currently titled “Dog”. We are shooting “Dog” the mid of November in Novi, MI. This is a non-union film. 1-3 days shooting, depend on the role. As of now 15th, 19th & 22th. The date may be changed.


“Dog” is a short film about a dog and a guy who abandons his dog. The guy has to leave his place and can’t keep his dog any more. He abandons his dog but the dog comes back to him and save him from a burglar. The guy realized the dog is not “pet” but his precious family.

Available Roles:

  • Dog: (Trained Dog, need to be well trained for shooting film, has to be able to jump over) – 3days shooting
  • David: (Male, 20-29, African American) Lead Character – 3days shooting
  • Mathew: (Male, 40s) New Restaurant Owner – 1 day shooting
  • Burg: (Dog Trainer or Body type: Male, might wear a face mask, fall over on the ground with a dog) Burglar – half day shooting
  • Owen: (Male, 30-50s) Restaurant Owner – half day shooting
  • Mike: (Male, 30-50) Factory Owner -half day shooting, who has factory clothes would be a plus
  • Doctor: (Any) – half day shooting, who has doctor smock would be a plus
  • Friend: (Female, 20s) – half day, who has a small kid would be a plus


Dog: $50 & will get cast credit and video data.
Other Roles: These are non-paid roles. Will get credit and your scene’s data. You can use it for your promotion.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume to: audition@pinemotion.com

NOTE: Deadline to apply is November 1st. If you are selected, we’ll let you know by November 2nd.

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    My website is under construction ..I can provide pics of my dog via email ..

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