“C B PROJECT” Casting Call, DOC Entertainment (Detroit, MI)

Casting Call for Webisode Film

DOC Entertainment is casting actors for an upcoming webisode. Shooting will take place in Detroit, MI.

  • Non-Union webisode film: C B PROJECT
  • Producer: ML Davis
  • Production: Filmirage Filmworks/Kwende Films
  • Director: Jeff Brown Exec.
  • Producer: Kwende Reid
  • Dir. of Photography: Jeffrey T Brown
  • Casting Director: ML Davis(DOC Entertainment)


Letters from a hustler in jail that recounts the highs and lows to the son he never met. ROOK tries to guide his son away from the life but does not hold anything back when recounting his hard learned lessons.


  • DRE: BLACK Male, 30’s Flamboyant, flashy dresser, loud talking Drug Dealer. Rook’s big cousin. who gets him started in the game. (LEAD)
  • GRANDMA: BLACK Female, 65-75 Caring and loving grandma to Rook and Dre. They still live with her as they do dirt. (FEATURED)
  • CARA: BLACK Female, Mid to Late 20’s, Beautiful, sexy, smart, feisty Rook’s on and off girlfriend since high school. She wants him out the life. (LEAD)
  • JAMES: BLACK Male, Late20’s-early 30’s, Cocky, double crosser, snitch, Ex-boyfriend of Cara and owner of Jimmy’s Bar (CO-LEAD)
  • ALI: MIDDLE EASTERN Male, Early to mid 40’s, Arab store owner who is also into the underworld business (CO-LEAD)
  • COACH MOORE: Male, 50’s, Rook’s former high school Football coach (FEATURED)
  • JASON: BLACK Male, Mid 20’s, square looking hustler. Part of Dre’s crew (FEATURED)
  • THURMAN: BLACK Male, Mid 20’s , the jokester in Dre’s crew (FEATURED)
  • FRANK WHITE: BLACK Male, Mid to late 20’s, Straight Gangsta. Part of Dre’s crew who loves to fight. Quick to shoot or kill (FEATURED)
  • BILL: BLACK Male, Mid 20’s, Flamboyant dresser and loud mouth, just like Dre. He’s the right hand man (FEATURED)
  • MARLA: CHALDEAN or ARMENIAN Female, Mid to late 20’s, Beautiful young lady who doesn’t mind fighting for her man (FEATURED)
  • RHONDA: BLACK Female, Mid to Late 40’s. Regular lady, Cara’s weed smoking Mom who just got laid off from GM plant. She dates men close to her daughters age (FEATURED)
  • BAM: BLACK Male. 30ish, Arrogant, full of himself, Slick looking and talking guy with no business of his own. Short cut artist Feeds off of other people’s work and hustle. Rhonda’s boyfriend (FEATURED)
  • UNCLE P: BLACK Male, 50’s. A veteran of the street hustle. He sells drugs, stolen cars, whatever will make him some money (FEATURED)
  • AGENT CAIN: BLACK Male, Early to mid 30’s Dre and Rook’s childhood friend, now FBI Agent The same street that made the bad guys, made some good guys too. They are two sides of the same coin. (FEATURED)
  • COOL: BLACK, Male, Mid to late 30’s. A CEO of record label from the Eastside. They had a little beef with Rook’s crew (FEATURED)
  • DEREK: BLACK Male, Late teens early 20’s Rapper on Cool’s label (FEATURED)


Other smaller roles and extra parts available. Prisoners, visitors, prison guards, prison admin., FBI agents, police, young Arabs, college students, business men, strippers, young hustlers


Low budget: $20-100 for principal roles. Extra roles are not paid. All talent will receive meals, copy and credit.

How to Apply:

Email photos and resumes ASAP to: docentfilmworks@gmail.com

NOTE: Put the role you’d like to audition for in the heading. We’ll send you sides of the script to put on tape. Audition deadline is October 31st, 2010

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