DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital is Casting Extras

Patients and Journalists Extras for a Simulated Disaster Drill

DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital

Southeast Michigan’s first responders and hospitals will participate in a region-wide drill for a simulated disaster on Thursday, October 4. DMC Detroit Receiving Hospital is looking for over 100 extras for this simulation. They are doing this to test their skills in responding to a high-level disaster with the benefit of full participation of the police, fire department, paramedics and other first responders.

Available Roles:

  • EXTRAS: (Male or female, open ethnicity) 100 people to portray fake patients surging the emergency room in the wake of a simulated disaster. We would also like to recruit 10 volunteer journalists to press us for information during the ensuing chaos.


Training in how to portray a patient with serious symptoms and injuries, including trauma and fear. For journalists, training in the National Incident Management System, which is in effect in all disasters nationwide. A $10 gift card to Target. A $5.50 gift card to the Detroit Receiving cafeteria. Refreshments during moulage (makeup for serious wounds) for “patients”. Refreshments during media efforts for volunteer “journalists”. Free parking and a certificate of participation.

How to Apply:

To be considered, email your background and reasons for participating to Ms. Jenan Healey at:

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