Now Casting for Feature Length Horror Film to be shot sometime in June/July in South/West Michigan!

Contact Shane at for Casting Time and Date!


DONALD/BALPHEME: Male Adult 40-50 years old (Average build). Average Joe as Donald, Slick and Manacle as Balpheme.

BRIANA: Female Young Adult 18 years old (Attractive with a wholesome look). Sid’s younger sister. Innocent prior to being infected. More Cunning once she becomes vampire.

DARREL: Male Adult 40-50 (Average Build). Father type character trying to keep his family safe.

JOHANNA: Female 30’s-40’s (Average Build). Mother type figure, trying to keep her family together.

SAMANTHA: Female Young Teen 13-16 (Average Build). Younger sister of Niki, daughter of Johanna and Darrel. Seems to be wiser then her years.

MALIKI: Male Adult any age (Sporty Build). Vampire minion, likes to kill, brutal.

SGT BRIGGS: Male Adult 30-40 (Average Build). Military man.

MOM: Female Adult 50-60 (Large to Average Build).
Sid’s mom, turns into primitive and gets Brutal!!

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