“DETROIT RIDERS” Auditions for Feature Film, Burning Holmes Films (Lansing, MI)

Get Cast in a Movie with UFC’s Rashad Evans!

Burning Holmes Films Auditions

BURNING HOLMES FILMS will be holding set time auditions Saturday August 21st from 10am to 5pm at an office park in Lansing, Michigan for the SAG ultra low budget feature film “DETROIT RIDERS”.

Filming will take place on AUGUST 14th and 15th—21st and 22nd—28th and 29th-September-4-5-11-12-18-19 these are all Sundays. Both non-union and union actors may apply.

Attached to the project are Rashad Evans (UFC WORLD CHAMPION) for the role of BALLER and possibly other name talent we have in the works.

This is a sag certified project, papers pending. therefore there will be a chance for principal actors and extras to receive there sag card from this project.


Please bring a headshot and resume to audition.

  • Nicky– late 30`s early 40s -hot biker chick with tattoos on her arms, smart,tough, straight talking good looking biker chick.
  • MIKEY-male caucasian-lead -late 30`s and older-under 6ft tall-Mikey is the leads best friend, he is a biker and a wake and baker burnout, scruffy face, messy sloppy hair. must be able to ride a motorcycle
  • BALLER –male african American (lead) late 20`s this will be rashad evans understudy/stand in, must be 5,11`inches tall and weigh 200-210. And must look a little like Rashad. You will be used as the stand in and all the long shots on the motorcycle scenes and other shots. Must be able to ride a motorcycle and do fight choreography and stunts. i will also use you in the movie as one of rashads gang members
  • GEEZER-male caucasian- supporting role- late 50`s -geezer is the leads old biker gang leader, old school, shaved head, tats, old harley shirt kind od wearing guy. Takes no shit from no one cuz he is old and ornary.
  • TEDDY-male caucasian-supporting role-late 50`s- mob boss, endures power, very straight forward attitude.
  • BRICK– male African American- re ocuring role- 20`s-ballers right hand man- hard core, when you him, you look down, very intimidating look, tall, short, big, muscular, whatever, just be scary looking.
  • O`ryan-Caucasian-re-occurring role-late 40`s-skinhead gang leader, tats, bald head,not to big not to small.
  • TANK– male Caucasian- late 20`s- bald head, scruffy face or other type facial hair.re-occurring role- large and I mean tall huge white boys, these are Detroit rider soldiers, when u look at them u should be scared.
  • TRAVIS-male-Caucasian early 20`s-re-occurring role. bald head, clean cut or goatee, tattoos a plus, think dirty skinheads. They work at
    the leads business for him.
  • CORY-male-Caucasian early 20`s-re-occurring role. bald head, clean cut or goatee, tattoos a plus, think dirty skinheads. They work at
    the leads business for him.
  • Valet guy– male/female-day player-early to late 20`s-open race-stand up comic preferred, comedic timing a must-fast talking new Yorker what the f… attitude.
  • PREPPY GUY-male/female-late 20`s-caucasian- re-occurring role- clean cut white boy, gotta like a Harvard grad, stuffy country club guy.
  • TIRE SALESPERSON-day player-male early 20`s 0r mid 30`s-African american, large overweight or really skinny, stand up comic preferred.
  • emt-1-male/female day player-any age or race.clean shaven, clean cut hair.
  • emt-2-male/female day player-any age or race.clean shaven, clean cut hair.
  • bartender– male day player-late 30`s or 40`s, biker looking older tough
  • police officer-male-day player-any race-late 20`s or 30`s-clean cut cop look, jar head haircut.
  • roxy– female-Caucasian-day player- late 20`s or 30`s-mikeys girlfreind-need to make yourself look like a cracked out pot head chick.
  • female strippers– no nudity required-early 20`s 3 to 4 girls , you will appear throughout the film in 4 scenes and you will have improved lines here and there.
  • 4 bouncers-male -day players- Caucasian- 20`s to 40`s age range-large football type club bouncer- 3-4 lines, -4 scenes.
  • 8-Detroit soldiers-male -day players- 20`s to 40`s- 2 scenes, must have police or military training with firearms- will be covered head to toe in swat gear- we have Detroit swat and lansing swat on board for these scenes you will be working with them.


Pay will be SAG ultra low budget scale rate pay for all union actors, credit, copy and residual payments for principal actors. Non-union actors will receive a flat pay rate of $30 a day and of course food, drinks, snacks, credit and copy.

How to Apply:

Since we are not holding an open call, (so actors will not have to stand in a line for hours)we would like to have head shots and resumes emailed to us to speed up the process.

Please send your headshots and resume along with if you have acting reel links to you tube and send them to; BURNINGHOLMESFILMS@ME.COM.

NOTE: In the subject line please list the characters name you are submitting too, agents are welcome for submissions. If we choose you for the auditon we will send you sides for the reading and a time for appointment. If we choose you for the audition we will send you sides for the reading and a time for an appointment.

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  1. Martin says:

    you technically cant get your SAG card from a SAG ultra low….it doesnt count in any way towards your union status

  2. martaz says:

    this sounds good i want part

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