“Detroit Dream” Casting Call for Feature Film Trailer (Novi, MI)

Auditions for the Indie Film “Detroit Dream”

Auditions are being held for the upcoming feature film’s trailer. The film will be shot in Novi, MI area. After take trailer, we’ll shoot whole film. The film’s trailer will be shot during weekday at the end of March 2011.


Tom has a dream to be a painter. After his daughter Mary was born, Tom has to work hard to support his family. He starts to work and stopped painting. The economic situation becomes bad and Tom is thrown into unemployment. Tom begins to drink. Cathy can’t stand it and takes Mary and leaves Tom. He is drunk every day and night. And one day, Tom saw pink spider. He started to pursue his dream with the spider. Tom starts new life and gets back a lost love.

Available Roles:

Race and Nationality Open

  • Cathy: Tom’s wife (Female 35-55) She is smart and kindhearted person. She loves liveliness Tom. But she gives up on one’s husband who has changed.
  • Mr. Brown: owner of Tom’s company (Male 40-65) Mr. Brown abandoned Michigan and decide to start new business in another state. He loves his employee but at the same time very business person.
  • Mary: Tom’s daughter (Female 3-5, 10) Calm and sweet. no-dialogue in the trailer.


This is an unpaid position but you will receive a copy of this trailer for your demo reel. After shooting the feature, you will receive IMDB credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your resume and headshot by March 6th to: detroitdreamfilm@hotmail.com (*updated)

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