Need actors for a short film (Detroit, Michigan)

Actors needed for a 10 min short film to be shot in July in Detroit area, MI.

Genre: Drama/Thriller
Non-Union film
No/Low fixed payment, Food will be provided during the shoot
Director: Rama Malka
Character Name Sex Age group Ethnicity Physical description Character description Other required

1 Abdullah M 30-40 Middle Eastern/Arab-American Lean or Normal Lead, Well educated Speak Arabic

2 Zahid M 25-40 Middle Eastern/Arab-American Lean or Normal Works for Sajid Speak Arabic

3 Sajid M 40-55 Middle Eastern/Arab-American Normal A leader Speak Arabic

4 John M 35-50 Middle Eastern/Arab-American Any Works for Sajid Must have an Arabic accent to English

5 Abdullah Wife F 30-40 Middle Eastern/Arab-American Fair House wife (No dialogues)

6 Abdullah Kid F 4 to 8 Middle Eastern/Arab-American Cute looking – (No dialogues)

7 Alex M 25-35 Arab-American Lean or Normal Casual looking Must have an Arabic accent to English

8 Other 1 M 20-40 Any Normal built – (No dialogues)

9 Other 2 M 20-40 Caucasian Normal built Modern looking (No dialogues)

10 Other 3 M 20-40 Arab-American Normal built – (No dialogues)

309 868 2511

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