“Deborah’s House” Casting Call for Actors (Detroit, MI)

Attention Actors and Actresses!

“DEBORAH’S HOUSE” features Deborah, a young babysitter caring for children Sebastian and Ronald. Her afternoon commitment is extended when the boys’ parents do not return home. Deborah must rise to the occasion, which demands maturity and care from the young woman.

We are casting for the following roles:

DEBORAH (17) is young, messy, and perpetually running late. Though she somewhat appreciates the importance of her role as a babysitter for the young boys, she soon realizes that she has much to learn about maturity and responsibility.
SEBASTIAN (9) is playful and sometimes serves as an antagonist to his younger brother.
RONALD (7) is curious, kind, and sensitive.
AGNES (40s), the boys’ mother, is well put together and materialistic.
TODD (40s), the boys’ father, is, like his wife, well groomed and concerned with material things.

Casting will take place over the next month. We will begin shooting in late July or early August in Detroit and the Metro Detroit area for approximately 3-4 days.


If interested, or if you have any questions about the project, please email deborahshousemovie@gmail.com with a headshot or photograph, résumé (if applicable), and contact information.


This film will be made by the same production company organizing “MAGGIE AND SYLVIA.” If you have already submitted for that film, please do not send materials for this project as we already have your information on file.

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