“DEAR JOURNAL” Musical Casting Call

Casting Teen Actors for New Musical

“Dear Journal” is a new musical centering around 4 teenagers entering middle school. Realizing that middle school isn’t just about what it appears to be, they scramble to fit in and lose track of what’s really important. This show tackles difficult subjects such as popularity, peer pressure, betrayal and staying true to yourself. Now, they must make a choice between the friends they always wanted-or the friends they’ve always had.

“Dear Journal” touches, moves and inspires everyone that sees it. The special thing about “Dear Journal” is that it is the foundation of a friendship. Eric Gelb and Ryan Hurley put their rocky past aside to produce and direct an original musical chronicling the many things that happen in middle school. Together, they have performed 5 shows at 4 different venues across Michigan.

Available Roles:

  • Brenton: (Lead role) (Male, Caucasian, ages 12-15) After being betrayed from his best friend, Brenton is determined to win back Max-s friendship. Although geeky, gets tons of laughs; funny. (Must sing and act well and have limited dance ability.)
  • Ricky: (Lead role) (Male, open ethnicity, ages 12-16) The cool guy of KBS. Suave, slick and smooth-Ricky uses Max, the lead, to do stuff for him while he gets enjoyment out of it. Trish, the female lead is in love with Ricky, but the feeling is not mutual. Must be handsome and at least 5-4. (Must sing and act well and have limited dance ability.)
  • Scott: (ensemble role) (Male, open ethnicity, ages 12-18)one of Ricky’s friends. Handsome, fresh-faced and loyal to Ricky.
  • High School Student: (Male or Female, open ethnicity ages 12-18)


These are not paid roles. We designed, purchased and assembled everything ourselves. Working around a tight budget, we have produced a show we are so proud of with a message even stronger than anything else out there. However, we are probably the first teens to do that. Almost no middle schools have any arts funding left – I know ours doesn’t. That’s why we set out to do this production, and that’s why all the money to produce our show came out of our pockets, even turning to ourĀ cast membersĀ for financial help. We hope, aside from walking away with a great message, the people the come to see our show will be inspired to make a change in their school’s arts program and start programs like we did.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume and headshot to: theatrical100@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email. You must have reliable transportation to Berkley, Michigan.

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