“Deadpan” Casting Call for Female Actors (Metro Detroit)

Scallywag Entertainment Casting

Scallywag Entertainment Casting

Casting 2 Female Roles for locally produced television dramedy called “Deadpan”. Auditions will be held Sunday, November 21st and Sunday, December 4th.

Available Roles:

  • Kylie – Female – Any race – 35 to 40ish years old – but still youthful in appearance and attitude. Kylie is very street smart and has a very city demeanor but is friendly. She dresses age appropriate, but still has a punk/alternative style. She’s the type of person who has grown up in the Detroit punk scene – is comfortable in a dive bar and concert venues. She is a woman who is fairly anti-establishment and while she’s somewhat middle age does not subscribe to the typical suburbanite mentality or existence. She is Molly’s mother.
  • Molly – Female – Race white or mixed based on Kylie’s ethnicity – 15 or able to play 15. Molly is a spunky yet introspective kid. She is artistic has a flair for words and has much of her mother’s street smart attitude. She is precocious and clever but never snotty or rude. Must be able to carry off adult dialogue.


Low / No / Deferred

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

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4 Responses to ““Deadpan” Casting Call for Female Actors (Metro Detroit)”

  1. Jennifer Behring says:

    Kylie sounds like a great character, I hope to have an opportunity to audition.

  2. Germaine Gebhard says:

    Kylie sounds like she is based on me! Now eat your vegetables or I’ll make you listen to Michael Bolton!

  3. Sabrina Dungan says:

    This sounds great!!!!

  4. Michael Clark says:

    Thank you all for sending in your resumes. At this time we are all filled up and will not need anymore submissions. Keep an eye out for my casting calls in the future… Thank You ,Scallywag Ent.

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