“Deadly Viper” Film, Casting Call for Extras (Oak Park, MI)

Oak Park Extra Casting

Washington Films needs extras to play certain roles in the film Deadly Viper, preferably fighters and people to play as a crowd.

Other extras are available. for more information, please email me at john_washington86@yahoo.com.
Please note that extras are unpaid in this independent film.

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3 Responses to ““Deadly Viper” Film, Casting Call for Extras (Oak Park, MI)”

  1. Alfredo Torella says:

    Martial arts fighter ! 313 2443756 thank you

  2. Brad Nelson says:

    I am able to be in the crowd

  3. Alfredo Torella says:

    I want to be in the movie. Just 2 years ago I was a 2nd degree black belt in kwon bop do now I’m a master in 8 types of karate. Wow I’m great! I can beat up anybody who can’t fight. Come to my school if you dare. Thank you from the Master.

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