Darke “SS” Attribute Productions Casting Call for Feature Film

Darke “SS” Attribute Productions

We have a non-union feature film that is currently in it’s final stage of the script. Locations will be in Troy, Flint and Ann Arbor, MI.


A college student studies the past history of the Vietnam War, she sets out to interview soldiers who had fought in the war. Along the way, she meets Blia Tou Vang, a 35 year company employee, who had suffered and endured the horrors of war. They eventually become friends, helping her with her story. She learns of a different war, that was so secret it was never known outside it’s boarders…


  • Amber Holiday: A college student who is given the work to write a story based on the Vietnam War. She befriends Blia Tou. Caucasian / 20-25 years old / 5’5-5’7
  • Blia Tou: An employee at a company, he was a child who fled the Vietnamese. Asian (Must speak Hmong) / Short / Balding./ 5’3-5’7
  • Smaller roles: Open race / open age


Actors and Background are paid roles.

How to Apply:

Please submit headshots and resume to: darkessattribute@gmail.com

NOTE: Interviews will be Called.

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