Creative Mind (Teaser) Casting Call

Auditions for Male and Female Actors

Casting actresses and one actor for the short film,”Creative Mind”. Auditions are likely to be held February 10th in the Highland Park, MI area.


When Peter, a well-established romance writer gets a group of strange and angry women harassing him at his book signings, he takes little notice. However, when Peter begins writing his new book, a psychological thriller, his writings and his life starts to get a little strange. Are they vivid dreams, or has his life become cursed? Or is he writing his own destiny, for better and for worse?

Audition Roles:

  • 5 Women: (age 18-35) Five women will be needed, one for each point of the inverted pentagram. At least one of the five women cast needs to be comfortable with being on top of the male actor, in the middle of the pentagram. There will be no nudity, it’s only for crossing the ideas of the writer writing his own blessings versus his own curse. No lines of dialogue spoke. Women will be dancing around an inverted pentagram, so if you hold any religious beliefs against what will look like using witchcraft to curse a book/human, please don’t apply. It’s only for the movie.
  • 1 Male: (age 18-35)


No compensation at this time.

How to Apply:

Please send an email with head shot and resume to:

NOTE: Also, please tell us why you’re interested in the role. If you’re a female, please indicate if you want the lead role, or one of the other supporting four roles. Again, please note that the lead female needs to be comfortable with being on top of a male for some of the shoot. Crew members are all humble, and all professional, so it will only be in the name of acting, please don’t read too much into it past that.

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