Now Casting For “Count Time” (The Movie)

Casting Call for Feature Film

Count Time (The Movie)

World Fame-Us Hot Spot Entertainment Studios is now casting and accepting online submissions for the feature film “Count Time”. The movie stars hip hop recording artist Kulayd, Top Authority, Sabreena Beautiful, Joe Donofrio of Donofrio Entertainment, Mr. Serv-On, and Melvin Jackson Jr. Production is scheduled to begin April 2013.


Detroit, Flakey, and Flint are all prisoners who are scheduled to be released. They are each put in a cell close to one another to wait to be discharged home but until they are discharged, the rules of the prison still apply. Although they have never met before, through sharing their stories and the ones of people they know, they find out that they have a few things in common. Through conversation they all realize that the underlying reason they were behind bars is because someone betrayed each of them in some dishonest way they never saw coming. Count Time The Movie is a film that tells three (3) separate tales of sex, money, lies, and deceit tied together inside of one main story. In trying situations like this you never know who to trust.

Casting Call Details:

Saturday, January 19th, 2013 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Metro 37 Recording Studios
1948 Star Batt
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309

Available Roles:

Main Story Character Breakdown

  • Detroit: African American male age 21-38. Hustler. Tough and level headed. He has a serious demeanor.
  • Flakey: Italian male, age 21-35. Drug Dealer. Wise-guy wannabe. Arrogant and sloppy.
  • Flint: African American male age 21-45. Gang Banger and Drug dealer.
  • Mr. Hughes: Race open, age 40-55. Parole Officer. Focused and stern.
  • Mrs.Hughes: Race open, age 40-55. Beautiful, has a nice smile, and she is supportive of her husband.
  • Prison Guard: Race open, age 35-45. Uncaring and unconcerned.
  • Prison Guard #2: Race open, age 35-45. Uncaring and unconcerned.
  • Los: Race open, male, age 21-45. Funny and sarcastic.
  • Detective: Race open, age 40-55. Die hard cop who hates criminals.

Non -Speaking Roles

  • 7 Male Prison Inmate Extras: Race open, age 21-65.
  • 3 Prison Staff Extras: Race and gender open, age 30-65.
  • 5 Los’s Crew Extras: Race open, age 21-45.


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot, resume, and/or demo reel to:

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  1. Dennis bolton says:

    Im interesting in workin on this up coming movie & yes i do have experience my name is dennis bolton i was in 8 mile, Envy, corner store, Reel Steel, Detroit 187, etc.

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