“Contemplation” Casting Female Actors for Experimental Film

Casting Call for Mother Roles

The working title of the film is “Contemplation”. It is a quite dark psychological experimental film, shot with 16mm film on film camera. Shooting will take place mostly in Ann Arbor (around U of M campus) and there may be places around Ann Arbor that are about 30 minutes away. We will have to start shooting this weekend, which would be from February 10th to 12th. Shooting should not take more than the weekend. Detailed time will be discussed, and is very flexible depending on the actors’ schedule.


The story is about a young man contemplating about his life as he is sitting on a toilet, going to the bathroom. He looks malnourished, tired and is reminiscing about his state of mind. The film will include a monologue of him talking about his state of mind, and as he reminisces, there will be flashbacks of his past with his family and his life at school being bullied. The voice inside his head portrays all of these in a poetic way, as the man struggles to cope with accepting who he is. The film ends with him in a psych ward room, looking out the window, revealing that what was seen was an imagination from his head.

Available Roles:

  • Mother Roles: Looking for two Caucasian woman, one between the age of 28 to 40 and one between the age of 40 to 55.


These are not paid roles. Food will be provided during shooting days.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your head shot and resume to: jamieklee13@gmail.com

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