“Company Blood” Casting Call for Full Length Feature (West Bloomfield, MI)

Dark Root Fiilms is Casting!

Currently auditioning 13 roles and 1 set position for the action splatter full-length feature “Company Blood” by Dark Root Films. These are paid roles. This is a non-union production. Shooting dates July 24-August 4th.


A small company is on vacation when confusion and deceit lead to vicious murders as the employees turn on each other.


Please send resumes and headshots (One in color please) to: info@darkrootfilms.com

Lead Roless

Eddie – Office Manager – 24-40 – Confident/highly respected individual. People listen when he speaks. The Company owners’ most trusted employee.

Becky – Sales – 22-32 The Company’s most successful seller. Very attractive and charismatic. Nicknamed “Sunny Girl”, with a fantastic smile. She is romantically interested in Eddie and hated by the Designers.

Grace – Head Designer – 24-36 – Rarely smiles, easily offended, has an attitude and a look that can kill.

Tom – Inventory – 22-40 Built/muscular, dark complexion, deep voice. Not a lot to say but gets his point across when he speaks. Wears sunglasses throughout. A photo with sunglasses would be helpful.

Supporting Roles

Rob – Accounting – 18-35 – Office Smartass and a goofball.

Juan – Maintenance – Mexican/Latino – Must be able to do a Spanish accent/appear not to know any English. Must know a little Spanish.

Paul – Sales Manager – 25-40 – Extremely professional person and a natural speaker. Always in a suit.

Carmen – Sales – 38-50 – Pissed off he didn’t get the promotion (sales manager) that Paul received. Walks with a limp due to an accident. Has entitlement issues.

Petey – Sales – 18-36 – Caucasian – Brooklyn or Boston accent. Slimeball used car salesman type.

Crystal – Administrative assistant – attractive

Jackie – Designer – Grace’s right hand woman – rugged outdoors type.

Sandy – Designer – Caucasian – Attractive and a bit green.

Julie – Designer – No particular look required.

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  1. Ashley bigger says:

    I would totally fit the role of grace perfectly however I’m booked in July 26Th and possibly the 27 Th as an extra in real steel.

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