Commercial Shoot for Interview Style Testimonial Casting (Birmingham, MI)

Casting Actors and Extras

Casting Call to be held Saturday, March 27th
Time slots available every hour, starting at 11am, through 6pm

Roles / Requirements are outlined below. Casting will be filmed. It is not necessary to dress according to these specs for casting, but it wouldn’t hurt to try if it is possible. Tentative shoot dates are April 6th and 7th. Lines will be provided prior to casting.

Pay will be 150$ for speaking roles and 50$ for non speaking role. This will be shot straight on, testimonial / interview style (mid to closeup) and each person speaking will have one or 2 lines.

Personas for speaking parts (larger role)

Surgeon – Male
Late 40s to early 50s

Manufacturing/blue collar worker – Male
Late 30s to early 40s

Everyday mom/online retail shopper – Female
Early 30s

Insurance agent – Female
Late 20s to early 30s

Business Traveler/Stock broker – Male
Mid 30s

Military personnel – Female
Early 30’s

Personas for quick cut-away shots (minor roles)

Little Girl
3-or 4-year old

Teenage boy (Facebook/MP3 buyer)

Extras List, for “filler” in beginning and ending shots only

Senior-citizen couple
Mohawk dude, mid-twenties, from a rock band (or any punk hair style will do)
Bubble-gum snapping sorority girl
High-Level Business Executive
Hockey Player (or any male professional looking athlete)
Hairstylist/fashion-conscious woman


From there more details can be discussed. Be sure to note which role you are interested in. We will do our best to keep casting moving, so it will be important for everyone to be on time, and patient!!

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  1. Aunikka Gaston says:

    I am inquiring on the part for the little girl.

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