The College Network Looking for Next Girl of the Week! – G1NBC (Detroit, MI)

Models needed for G1CN Girl of the Week

G1CN the College Network is an online publication, and a subsidiary of G1NBC. G1NBC is a company with BROAD HORIZONS and the future of Web Television. G1NBC began in 1977- 2000NB, with a BROAD HORIZONS of providing state of the art IPNB (Internet Protocol Network Broadcasting) in order to make our programming accessible to a worldwide audience. In addition to providing the highest quality audio and video feeds over the Web TV Network Broadcast.

The College Network Models

If you or someone you know thinks they are G1NBC girl of the week material, reply with brief bio, and up to three professional photos. Going forward, previous G1CN Girls of the Week will be given the opportunity to represent G1NBC on college campuses across the nation, and various other entertainment venues, including but not limited to concerts, film festivals, and most immediately, battle of bands. All candidates will be considered for filming Girl of the Week Promotional videos, and the 2010 G1NBC College Network Girl of the Week Calendar.


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  1. Scott says:

    Beware of this company G1NBC They are plagiarist scampers who don’t pay there workers for services performed. They will steal your work in a heartbeat

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