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Casting for College for Creative Studies

I am a student filmmaker from College for Creative Studies looking for two actresses for a film I am going to be making during March 15th- 19th.

Female Actresses Needed

I am looking for someone who can play;

Sandy – (Age around late 30’s mid 40’s) Mother of the main character Brigid. She is quarky, loving, almost 1950’s female stereotype, but she has a secret of robbing people to make ends meet and also for fun.

Ms. Leon – (Any age older than 25). She is Brigid’s high school guidance counselor. She is very hippie like, air heady, spaced out. She doesn’t quite understand the role of her job.

Under the circumstances that I am a student, I would not be able to pay you for your acting, but I am willing give you a copy of the film when it’s done and cuts of the scenes you are in for your portfolio. All shoots will be catered.

If you are interested please email me at
Please send a photo and resume.

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  1. Dorothy Burrell says:

    I would be interested in auditioning for Sandy or Ms. Leon.

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