Casting Call, “Clean Break”, “Death Comes Quickly” & “Ashes to Ashes” (Grand Rapids, MI)

Collective Studios is Casting Actors!

Collective Studios is hosting auditions for three upcoming shorts. Open auditions will be held on Friday, April 2 from 4pm – 9pm and Saturday, April 3 from 12pm – 5:30pm at Collective Studios located at 215 Logan St. SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503. Please bring a headshot and a resume to the audition. All three films will be filming in April.

Compensation: Food, credits, and a copy of the film.

Please contact Jacob de la Rosa for any casting questions at or by phone at 616-458-1806.

The Films:

“Clean Break”

J.D. Strickland is forced to write genre novels about skeletons just because he happens to be one. When he tries to write a book that he’s passionate that doesn’t include skeletons, he discovers that he’s trapped in a world that refuses to see beyond the face value of his existence.

LITTLE GIRL – female, 8-10, very innocent looking, must show wide-eyed fear.
MALICE – female, 20s, Goth chick, snarky attitude, pretentious, full of herself.
WAITRESS – female, early 20s, young.
CATHERINE – female, 40-50; bookish type, a bit shy.
FRANCINE – female, 40-50; bookish type, a bit shy.
JILL – female, 40-50; bookish type, a bit shy.
LAURA – female, 40-50; bookish type, a bit shy.

“Death Comes Quickly”

In an abandoned cottage at the end of their world, Alecti and company lie in wait. The ladies try to ensnare Alecti but forces beyond their control lay siege. It is the dead of night, and someone or something lurks among the shadows. Fear overwhelms, love abounds, and death is close at hand. What cruel fate awaits…

ALECTI – male, 25-35 selfish, devilish, handsome
CYNTHIA – female, 20s beautiful, melodramatic
LADY LESTNER – female, 35-60 gossip, drunk
COUNTESS – female, 40-65 sensible, reserved
JACKSON – male, 30-60 faithful servant

“Ashes to Ashes”

Five strangers enter a room where a table has been prepared for them. Each of them is hiding a terrible secret. Trapped in this room, they are forced to come face to face with the unavoidable fate that lies before them.

MISTY – female, 35-50, a quaint and sophisticated philosopher whose knowledge and observations allow her to take charge of the situation presented to them.
CRAIG – male, 25-35, a cold and rough vigilante with a need for control, and his hot-headedness adversely keeps him from thinking clearly.
TRISH – female, 25-35, a passive woman, is Craig’s wife, and is the only one that can really talk any sense into her husband.
BILL – 35-60 male , a hefty man whose simple-mindedness keeps him the most easy-going of the group.
MR. DAY – male, 30-50, a lone businessman who is so frightened of his situation he appears to be on the on the verge of hysteria.

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