“Chedda Boys” Detroit Movie Casting Call (Detroit, MI)

Casting Local Detroit Actors!

Non-Union film: CHEDDA BOYS
Producer: ML Davis
Production: Filmirage Filmworks/Kwende Films
Director: Darren Brown
Exec. Producer: Kwende Reid
Dir. of Photography: Jeffrey T Brown

Shooting in Detroit, MI
Feb 2010

Low pay $20-100, meals, copy and credit

Casting Dir. ML Davis

The “Chedda Boys” Story

Life of a hustler that goes from High school football star to the mean streets of Detroit.

Character Roles:

RONNIE: BLACK Male, 30’s Flamboyant, flashy dresser, loud talking Drug Dealer. Chedda Boy’s big cousin. who gets him started in the game. (LEAD)

GRANDMA: BLACK Female, 65-75 Caring and loving grandma to Chedda boy and Ronnie. They still live with her as they do dirt. (FEATURED)

AUTUMN: BLACK Female, Mid to Late 20’s, Beautiful, sexy, smart, feisty Chedda Boy’s on and off girlfriend since high school. She wants him out the life. (LEAD) {Semi-nudity}

JAMES: BLACK Male, Late20’s-early 30’s, Cocky, double crosser, snitch, Ex-boyfriend of Autumn and owner of Jimmy’s Bar (CO-LEAD)

ALI: MIDDLE EASTERN Male, Early to mid 40’s, Arab store owner who is also into the underworld business (CO-LEAD)

COACH MOORE: Male, 50’s, Chedda Boy’s former high school Football coach (FEATURED)

JASON: BLACK Male, Mid 20’s, square looking hustler. Part of Ronnie’s crew (FEATURED)

THURMAN: BLACK Male, Mid 20’s , the jokester in Ronnie’s crew (FEATURED)

FRANK WHITE: BLACK Male, Mid to late 20’s, Straight Gangsta. Part of Ronnie’s crew who loves to fight. Quick to shoot or kill (FEATURED)

BILL: BLACK Male, Mid 20’s, Flamboyant dresser and loud mouth, just like Ronnie. He’s the right hand man (FEATURED)

MARLA: Female, Mid to late 20’s, Beautiful young lady who doesn’t mind fight for her man (FEATURED)

RHONDA: BLACK Female, Late 40’s to early 50’s. Regular lady, Autumn’s weed smoking Mom who just got laid off from GM plant. She dates men close to her daughters age (FEATURED)

BAM: BLACK Male. 30ish, Arrogant, full of himself, Slick looking and talking guy with no business of his own. Short cut artist Feeds off of other people’s work and hustle. Rhonda’s boyfriend (FEATURED)

UNCLE P: BLACK Male, 50’s. A veteran of the street hustle. He sells drugs, stolen cars, whatever will make him some money (FEATURED)

JUAN: MEXICAN Male, Early to mid 30’s a West coast boss. Arizona drug dealer who meets Chedda Boy and Uncle P in Chicago (FEATURED)

FRANK JOHNSON: BLACK, Male, Mid to late 40’s. A truck driver for Ronnie who remembers Chedda Boy from his youth. He doesn’t like how he gets paid from Ronnie (FEATURED)

GAIL: BLACK Female, 30’s Ronnie’s girlfriend. {must be a good screamer} (FEATURED)


Other smaller roles and Extra parts available.

Prisoners, visitors, prison guards, prison admin., FBI agents, police, young Arabs, large Mexicans, college students, business men, strippers, young hustlers

Email photos and resumes ASAP to: docentfilmworks@gmail.com

Put the role you’d like to audition for in the heading. Casting will start end of this week. (Jan. 22, 10) If you don’t have a professional photo and resume, but you have skills, send a snapshot. Someone will call you for audition

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6 Responses to ““Chedda Boys” Detroit Movie Casting Call (Detroit, MI)”

  1. Carla Jean Robinson says:

    I am inquiring for the part of the Grandmother, to one of the Chedda boys. I have appeared as an extra in the independent film “Moozlum”, starring Danny Glover, Nia Long, and Evan Ross. I am currently available for work. I have been unemployed since April 2009. My regular job for the majority of my life has been an Administrative Assistant. I have always dreamed of being an actress. I am widowed, with no children. I am a 50 year old African American woman. Enclosed is my photo. Hopefully, I can try out for this part. Loooking forward to hearing from the casting director at your earliest conveinence.

    Carla Jean Robinson

    Thanking you in advance,

    Carla Jean Robinson
    Explore Talent.com
    Talent# 3351689

  2. El'gin Avila says:

    I would like to be an extra in the movie. I am 15 but look older than that. I play football and swim. I am Dominican/African-American, 6’1″, 180 lbs. and looking for work. Please contact me at your earliest convenience if I can still audition for the part. Thank You


  3. Arianna Powers says:

    I am very interested in the part of Autumn. I minored in theater at Tennessee State University and stared in several student productions. I’m Autumn in every way I’m sexy, feisty, and smart. I’m very easy to direct and even easier to get along with. I don’t come with a diva attitude, just tell me which camera to look at and give me my lines and I’ll do my job. My email address is mypowers86@gmail.com I would like to send my head shots. You can check me out on youtube reciting my poetry at theoneandonlyladya. I can also be reached at 313 682 1766

  4. Dorothy Burrell says:

    Is it to late to audition for the role of the grandmother in the Cheeda Boys. I am just starting out in acting. I am currently in the stage play “Finding a Place Where Love Hides” in Detroit. I am playing Bertha the lead. I would appreciate a try for this role.
    Please reach me at 313-350-3126.



  6. michael hennderson says:

    i would like to play the part of bill or any part that is left.

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