“Change of Life” Trailer Casting Call (Detroit, MI)

Casting Actors for Trailer Shoot

The film “Change of Life” is a gritty gangster,drug, four letter word movie that will be film in Detroit. It’s about a up and coming small time gangster that changes his life around for the better. As of now we will be shooting the trailer only so there is no nudity but once shoot the entire film there will be partial nudity. (in good taste) If selected auditions will be held in Detroit this Saturday, November 27th.

Available Roles:


  • Shay-Beautiful, 20 something, not street smart or cleaver as she thinks, prone to be a bit nervous (some nudity)
  • Tonya– a little screwy, a little plump, somewhat less than perfect, the pretty girl’s “friend”
  • Veeta– Peaceout, holistic, yoga, love child type
  • Stacie– Late 20’s streetwise, flirtie, confident, condescending, elder wise for her age


  • Delcarlo (lead)- Cool oot going, all about business, 21-35, street smart, african-american or mixed
  • Raven– 30’s, “yes”man to Delcarlo, steet guy. ladies man, just don’t give a damn about anything
  • Ken– naive, childless, nerdy, video game type
  • Eli– not a talker, gets the job done, all about business


These are paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this film please submit your headshots and resume to: racerobinson1@yahoo.com

NOTE: Some roles in this film require nudity. All applicants must be over 18 to apply.

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2 Responses to ““Change of Life” Trailer Casting Call (Detroit, MI)”

  1. christina says:

    hey,need help finding audition i am a great actress n wish to carry my career so please help thankyou!

    Christina Lobulo

  2. Dennis Bolton says:

    i am very interested in one of your leading roles possibly the Gangter role because i have street smart and been to the penetentrary i was release this year after doing a 5 year drug charge i was into acting before i left the street i attended acting classes at Henry Ford Community College with a 3.0 GPA i also receive a Certificate in Assistant Directing a play in prison call “what they dont Know” i also appeared in 8mile, Envy, Corner Store, Reel Steel, and episode 7 on Detroit 187 please consider me for employment.

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