Cereal Land – Casting Call for TV Series Pilot

Auditions for Actors and Actresses

CinemaGrid is holding auditions for actors and actresses for the TV series pilot, “Cereal Land”. Auditions will be held the first week of May in Ann Arbor and call backs will be held the following week.

Audition Details:

Auditions will be held the 1st week of May

112 S. Main St. #F
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Available Roles:

  • JAKE DOVE: 30, with curly black hair and an evil smile. He is the leader of the group and encourages vice at every turn.
  • NICK KRYZASNICK: 25, skinny with a shaven head, and drinks every chance he can.
  • TSVETANA: 28, gorgeous, and speaks with a heavy Russian accent. Has a phobia of overweight people.
  • MOBOMBO JACKSON: 33, gigantic in stature and completely uncomfortable with every movement he makes. Hates the world.
  • MATT WHEELER: 40, pale as snow, suffering from premature baldness and needs to wear glasses. Claims to have read more books than anyone else alive.
  • NEBRASKA TOM: 36, overweight by about 90 pounds and sports a black beard. Former Sniper and Veteran of the Second Gulf War.
  • BAREBACK GIOVANI: 28, wild haired, and has a constant smile. He is an insane drug addict.
  • NICOLE: 21, attractive but timid, works the late night shift at a motel.
  • AMBER: 20, beautiful with a carefree hippy kind of attitude. Will later become the Berry Princess.
  • SHATHEA: 25, obese, and a prostitute.
  • KIM: 24, and another obese prostitute.
  • MULTIPLE COP ROLES: 25-45, Male, large and intimidating.


These are paid roles. Talent will also receive Copy, Credit, and Meals.

How to Apply:

To schedule an audition, please submit a resume and headshot in PDF format to: cinemagrid@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include “Cereal Land” in the subject line of your email.

Download the Script

To download a copy of the script in PDF format, check out:
Cereal Land – S01E01

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