“Cat Tale” Auditions for Comedic Short (Grosse Pointe, MI)

Cinema Grid Casting Call

Genre: Comedic Short
Writer: Edward Ruedemann
Producer: Ryan Munevar
Director: Edward Ruedemann

Cinema Grid, LLC is casting acfor comedic short “Cat Tale”.  A 2 day shoot is scheduled for the weekend of October 2nd and 3rd in Grosse Point, MI. 

Character Breakdowns:

  • Milk (Side pg 13-15)
    6’0”-6’3”, 20-25, White Male, Heavy Set, Big Guy
    (Lead) He is charismatic, likeable, intelligent and compassionate with a quick sarcastic wit. He is guided by a strong moral compass that leads him to do the right thing even when it’s not easy. He has little patience for rudeness and thoughtlessness; which causes problems with his best friend Kevin. His favorite style of clothing is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He also wears flip-flops most of the year. When he isn’t working construction you can typically find him at a bar, concert or a library.
  • Kevin (Side pg 5-6 and/or 1-2)
    5’10”- 6’0”, 20-25, White Male, Thin, Lean
    (Lead) Kevin is an uncaring, self-centered young man with a rebellious nature. He dislikes authority and steers clear of responsibility. Aside from taking nothing seriously he will seldom do what is considered “right” by others. These flaws lead to conflict with his best friend, Milk. Kevin is also sarcastic and impulsive. His style of clothing is a mix of punk and death-metal; he wears torn jeans and band t-shirts. He is unemployed and spends most of his time in dive bars or a mosh pit.
  • Cop (Side pg 7 and/or 9-10)
    6’3”- 6’6”, 25-40, White Male, Big and Burly, Mustache
    (Supporting) Stern and intimidating, a stickler for the rules and not afraid to use threats and intimidation as weapons. Humorless, imposing, and takes his job very seriously.
  • Joyce (Side pg 14-16)
    5’0”- 5’8”, 70-80, White Female, Small and Frail, White Hair
    (Supporting) Kind and hospitable, Joyce is the quintessential grandmother type and the thing she loves most in this world is her cat “Sir Reginald Fuzzy Boots”. Almost completely deaf, she needs her hearing aids to have any sort of conversation. You can typically find Joyce at home watching TV with the volume turned all the way up.
  • Isabelle (Side pg 20 and/or 2-4)
    5’5”- 5’11”, 20-25, Female, Thin and Beautiful
    (Supporting) Friendly, flirty and fun-loving. A party girl that likes being social and is a bit of a lush (often found in the bathroom stall with someone holding her hair back). A bit of a fashionista.
  • Maria (Side pg 8, 20 and/or 11)
    5’5”-5’11”, 20-25, Female, Thin and Beautiful
    (Supporting) More skeptical than Isabelle but still likes to go out and have fun. Can be a bit standoffish and wary of the random guys who try to pick her and Isabelle up. Maria is a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. You can typically find Maria holding Isabelle’s hair in the stall.
  • Queequeg (Side pg 1-3)
    5’10”- 6’3”, 25-35, Male
    (Supporting) The Bartender. Cool but somewhat jaded. Friends with most of the regulars like Milk and Kevin. He finds their antics in the bar to be very amusing. A jeans and concert t-shirt guy that likes to party when not working.


You can download a copy of the script here: Cat Tale Script


  • Cop2, Cop3, Cop4
    6’0 – 6’6”, 31-40, Male
    (Non-speaking featured extras.) Generic cops.
  • Bar Extras
    Males and Females aged 18-24
    (Non-speakin extras)


Copy, credit, and meals provided.

How to Apply:

To audition please send a copy of your head shot and resume in pdf format to: cinemagrid@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include “CAT TALE AUDITION” in the subject line.

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