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Lyon Productions

Lyon Productions is in the process of shooting test footage for an upcoming TV show in a The Man Show meets E Entertainment with a SNL occasional flair. They are anticipating shooting a 6 episode, low budget, show geared towards a Male driven audience. The project features a weather girl that is hired just for her looks who has no concept or understanding of predicting the weather and is instead just used for eye candy.

Available Roles:

  • Weather Girl: (open age range) Looking for a woman to portray a comedic “No So Weather Girl.” Or in short, playing the role of a woman who was hired for her looks and has no idea at all about predicting or even describing the weather.


This is not a paid position. We are looking for someone to play the part for the test footage which may in turn result in you portraying the character in the actual show. The role during actual production will be compensated. This is a lower budget product we intend to shoot 6 episodes of with intent to distribute through our sales rep to G4.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot, full figure photo, and a link to any reel or footage if you have one to:

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  1. James Feaheny says:

    I remember a Married With Children episode where Christina Applegate playing Kelly Bundy was hired as a weather girl for her looks only. LOL

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