Casting Understudy Roles for the TV Series “A Father’s Pain”

Looking for Male and Female Actors

The TV series, “A Fathers Pain” is casting male and female actors for understudy roles. Shooting takes place in Detroit, MI.


A Fathers Pain (TV Series) is a heart wrenching drama about A Fathers constant struggles while raising his two daughters… after his wife committed suicide. The youngest daughter deals with images of her mom and trying to know more about who she was. The oldest daughter deals with the pressure of high school and taking on a set of new emotions she is blind to, while becoming a woman. The father deals with all these issues and fights the world while trying to protect his young girls from the reality of life, but finds his self in a deeper downward spiral and questioning his ability to be a father. The dark drama is moved slightly away with a significant portion of comedic relief.

Available Roles:

  • 3 Females: Open ethnicity, ages 18-25 (These are understudy roles)
  • 3 Males: Open ethnicity, ages 18-25. (These are understudy roles)


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume, headshots or demo reels (optional) to:

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