Casting Adorable Toddler for Notre Dame Student Film (South Haven, MI)

Casting Toddler for a Graduate Student Film Scene in West Michigan

We’re casting a toddler (2-year-old or so) for a pivotal final scene in my final film as a graduate student. The scene will be shot on the East shore of Lake Michigan (in the vicinity of South Haven) on Friday, April 22nd. Toddler only needed for one hour of shooting, from 6-7 in the evening. Because of the casting of the parents in the film, toddler should have lighter complexion, preferably blonde hair.

My most recent film was screened at the Riverbend Film Fest in South Bend, IN, and the Wildwood Film Fest in Appleton, WI (where it won Best Sci-Fi). Previous student films of mine have won awards at the Lubbock Film Festival, the Trinity Film Festival in San Antonio, and screened in the Luminaria Arts Festival and the NALIP Screening Series. I’m really excited about this current project, and am looking forward to working with some local Michigan talent!


In terms of compensation, we can offer points on the back-end and reimbursement for gas to get to and from the location. But, this is a student film, so the primary compensation is exposure for the actor; previous work that I’ve done has been screened at and won awards at several regional film festivals and screening series, and I anticipate the same here. Any money applied to the actors is money that can’t be spent on festival submission fees, so monetary compensation actually hurts the breadth of exposure.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in submitting your toddler for this role, please email a photo to the director Jon Simpkins at:

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