Casting Call for Short Film “Sleep Study” (Eastpointe, Michigan)

Auditions for “Sleep Study”

Sleep Study is a short, psychological thriller where six patients attend a sleep study to test a new trial drug. More information available to those auditioning.

Currently in pre-production, we will be holding auditions October 29th, and call back November 11th. Production will start in early 2010. All are welcome to send their information to get a scheduled time slot to audition. There will be a mandatory table read in December. This is a non-union production, the roles are un-paid, copy and credit and meals will be provided. Gas will not reimbursed for travel.

Send your resume and headshot to –

A brief description of the characters is given below. Followed by a few examples of actors and actresses that by looks, characteristics fit the roles. *Note that hair color is preference only*


Alice– CAST
20-30’s Dark hair
Typical tomboy, Comes off bitchy but it’s mostly a defense.

18-25 blonde
Sweet, innocent, bubbly personality, young, naive, girl next door type, reverend’s daughter

Rachel McKinney
18-28 redhead
Bombshell, relies on her looks. red head
klutzy, the hot girl, enjoys getting manicures and tanning salons, or any salon, ditzy
(Warning- there is one scene where Rachel is in her bra, this is not of a sexual nature.
Please do not audition for this role if you are not comfortable with this)

Jack Morgan
20-30’s dirty blonde/brunette- built
Cocky, egotistical, strong,
Typical jock, class clown, thinks he is the best thing that exists in the world.
(Warning- There is one scene where you see Jack’s butt in a hospital gown.
Please do not audition for this role if you are not comfortable with this)

Eric Campbell
Nice guy, almost dorky, not the guy to defend your life with,
hates jack and every guy like him. more like the nerd of the group.

Colin Owen
20-30’s dark hair, average, toned build
Mysterious, drunk, quiet, good looking, rugged 5 o’clock shadow, strong, protective

Doctor Roberts (female or male)
approachable, friendly face, hidden dark side

Nurse Kelly
she mostly seems annoyed and bored with and by the patients, but still is flirty.

Front desk attendant

Nurse # 2

Man (voice only)
older, rough voice, commanding


Rachel McAdams
Bethany Joy Galeotti
Claire Danes
Reese Witherspoon
Kristen Dunst
Mandy Moore
Kate Bosworth


Cameron Diaz
Elisha Cuthbert
Rachek Weisz
Alyssa Milano (younger)
Kate Hudson


Michael Cera
John Cusack (young)
Charlie Korsmo


Jensen Ackles
Ryan Phillipe
Channing Tatum
Ian Somerhalder
Matt Damman (young)
Colin Ferrel (young)
Mark Wahlberg
Matt Dilion


Paul Wesley
James Franco
Hayden Christiansen
Joshua Jackson
Ian Somerhalder (pulse)
Freddie Prinze Jr
Clive Owen
Gerard Butler
Christian Slater(young)


Shannyn Sossamon
Eliza Dushku
Sophia Bush
Eva Mendez
Brittany Murphy

female or male?

James Wood
Jennifer Connelly
Morgan Freedman
Kevin Spacey
Billy Krystal
Oliver Platt
Judy Dench
Ellen Burstyn


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