Casting Older-Middle Aged Actress for Weekend Shoot

Student Short Film for Screen Arts and Cultures 300

We are looking for an older-middle aged actress who is available to attend shoots this coming weekend in Ann Arbor. The shooting dates are scheduled for Friday, March 16th at 1:15pm and Saturday, March 17th at 5:30pm. Filming on the 16th will only be for 3 shots, and the same will be true for the 17th, although they will be more complicated and so take more time. We would like to keep these times, but can start earlier or later, if need be.


The film is about a young woman whose older friend-and-mother-figure suffers a heart attack, and subsequently dies. The protagonist is at first unable to release her grief, but is able to open up over the course of the film and embrace her grief, and come to some terms with it.

Available Roles:

  • 1 Actress: Older-middle aged actress. We are looking for someone who does not look like the biological mother of the protagonist, who is caucasian and blond.


Food will be provided, as well as travel expenditures, and you will receive a copy of the finished film, in April.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your resume and headshot to:

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  1. Tamara LePage says:

    I fit your your profile perfectly. I am blond caucasian and middle aged. you can contact me at

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