Casting Actors for Half-Life Fan Film Short

Project [N] ReSource Films Casting Call

Project [N] ReSource Films

Casting is underway for many of the roles in the film. The lead role of Alyx Vance has already been cast. All of the roles currently open for casting have very specific requirements to match the game characters.  Shooting will take place in the Jackson, MI area.

Half-Life, by VALVe Software, is one of the most iconic video game franchises ever created. Half-Life: Resistance is a short “fan film” (approximately 40-50 minutes) based on the Half-Life video game franchise. The story follows Alyx Vance, one of the game’s protagonists, in her youth as she undergoes a series of traumatic events in a world held under the iron hand of the Combine, an alien oppressor who has taken control of earth.

Available Roles:

  • Eli Vance: Eli is black man in his forties. He’s a physicist that graduated from Harvard University and is known as the father of the resistance against the Combine.  (see below)

Eli Vance

  • Azian Vance: Azian is a white woman in her mid-to-late twenties. She was Eli’s wife and Alyx’s mother, she appears in a flashback when she and Eli were younger.
  • Barney Calhoun: Barney is a white man in his thirties. He spent a number of years as a security guard in the complex where Eli and Dr. Kleiner worked. After the Combine invasion, Barney went undercover, working with the Combine as a double agent for the Resistance.  (see below)

Barney Calhoun

  • Dr. Isaac Kleiner: Doctor Kleiner is a white man in his late forties or fifties. His two best friends are Barney and Eli. He has always been a godfather-like figure to Alyx. He’s a brilliant scientist. After the invasion, Dr. Kleiner worked closely with Barney in the resistance.  (see below)

Dr. Isaac Kleiner

  • The G-Man: The G-Man is a white man, seemingly in his forties or fifties. He is mysterious, vague, and sometimes just downright creepy. His agenda is unknown and seems to be very self- serving. He’s cold, yet neither evil nor good.  (see below)

The G-Man


These are not paid roles. The goal is to create pieces of independent cinema that can be used as resume pieces for further employment in the film industry.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to:

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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