FEMALE IMPERSONATOR/Cross Dresser with Acting Talent Needed (Flint)

Minor League, a football story is a sports comedy filming in Flint starting April 13. We are holding an open casting call on Sunday from 10-5 pm at 9312 S Linden Road Flint, MI at Buffalo Wild Wings. One of the roles we are seeking to fill is the Cross Dressing Cheerleader.

Though this is not a large role, the character is scene in a few scenes and has dialog opposite major stars of the film including Robert Miano and Bone Crusher.

We are seeking someone who can pull of a RuPaul like character, an attractive yet obviously male character in which one of the cast mistakes for a female.

Please attend the casting call in character.

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  1. Casey Kingston says:

    Hello do u know of any female impersonation positions in Michigan closer to Detroit..I am very interested in becoming a female impersonator or a drag queen or both lol but I don’t know where to start I am an amazing looking crossdresser from Birmingham Michigan …thank you if you can help ;-)

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