Casting and Crew Call for Comedy Thriller (Clarkston, Michigan)

Auditions for Comedy Thriller


This film is based on a celebrity going on tour with another infamous celebrity. Unknowingly, the infamous partner is bent on stealing something very special from him, but somewhere in the translation between the infamous partner and his cohorts the plan goes very wrong! The wife of the celebrity is tortured by the hired villains to get access to the safe room and the other people in the house are brutally dismembered.

Studio: Independent
Project Type: Highly publicized Feature Film featuring Celebrities
Location: Clarkston, Michigan
Schedule: Mid September 2009


• Lead male, age 30-50
( Playing short bumbling Villain)

• Lead female, Caucasian, age 30-50
( Playing wife – some mild nudity)

• Supporting male, age 20-30
( Playing tall and short, dreadlocks, pot head, weirdly intimidating villain)

• Supporting female, Caucasian, age 18-25
(Playing daughter – some mild nudity with breasts)

• Supporting female, age 18-25
(Playing daughters close friend – some nudity )

• Supporting female, age 18-25 daughters second friend
( Playing daughters second closest slutty looking friend – some nudity )

• Female Local TV news reporter, age 30+

• Male Camera man ( to play cameraman)


Actors will be paid ( $25.00 – $75.00 per day ) depending on role and screen time plus all crew members, actresses and actors will receive a free copy of project once has been released to the public. All actors and actresses must have the ability to improvise.

Meals Provided:

Actors will be provided food while on set.

Also Seeking Additional:

Makeup/ Hair Stylists, Cameramen, Gaffers, Assistants, Final Cut Pro Editors, Lighting Specialists, Sound Tech, Special Effects Artist and Miscellaneous.


Please send photos (they don’t have to be professional, recent photo will do) with contact information and resumes (if available) to:

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2 Responses to “Casting and Crew Call for Comedy Thriller (Clarkston, Michigan)”

  1. Jane says:

    Hi i’d like to help out as a crew person. I have lots of experience. I can do many things, Assistant Direct, screen write by helping you come up with ideas on the set.

    What day are you meeting with crew people? You can try reaching me by e mail thanks,

    Jane Dabish

  2. Derryl LaFave Jr. (DJ) says:

    I am just getting my modeling and acting career started! I am cast for the motion picture ‘The easy’ in june, but I am aniexious to get a start now. I have long brown hair, blues eyes, lean build and tattoos… Probably make a good villian! lol Hope to hear from you soon.

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