2-Day Casting Call – September 12th and 13th for Comedy Drama Film (Oakland County, MI)

We ARE LOOKING FOR actors over 18 for a comedy drama film. It’s all about dating.

The working title is called: “Dating”

If you’re over 18 and into acting, either theater or had actor’s workshops then send your infor to mifilmproductions@yahoo.com.

Casting will take place Sat. Sept. 12th, and Sun. Sept 13th 2009. 3:00pm. When you send your headshot, or pic, please let us know what day you’re available? (Then we will tell you where we will be)


Anna: (lead actress) is the girl who’s looking for passion. She’s looking to date to see where it goes.

Carmen: (lead) just goes to a local bars to pick up Mark. She’s dress classy and likes to flirt

Mark: (principle role) A guy who’s always drinking at the bar. When he’s drunk he says rude things to women.
Carmen and him get together.

George: (lead) Italian American he’s just looking for a fling. He meets Anna, and he just wants a fling. He’s hyper, and all he thinks about is sex.

Frankie: can ‘t stop talking, he’s a rude guy

We need a variety of men, who will on dates with the main lead. We are only looking for serious actors only.

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